USB Flash drives have revolutionized the world of computers and technology. The invention of these small devices has made it possible to conveniently carry around bulk information. is a an online portal that offers customers a wide range of 16 GB USB flash drives that come in trendy designs and funky colors. The website abides by the motto achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction, providing its customers high quality products at low price and ensuring speedy order turnaround. It offers its customers products from well known brands that are of top quality.

Purchasing from Tmart

Gone are those days when flash drives were only available in dull shades and boring designs. Tmart offers a wide range of amazing flash drives that come in various colors and materials. Each offers a different set of additional features, depending on its price. One of the great things about purchasing from is the low price of its products. Moreover, irrespective of the purchasing amount, the website offers free shipping. Also, most orders are shipped out within 24 hours of being ordered online, which means the product reaches the customer with four to seven working days, depending on his or her location.

USB Flash Drive

Product details and review

16 GB USB flash drives available on tmart are divided into categories based on their style and material. The website offers products in all budget ranges and catering to all tastes. There’s a flash drive for all age groups and genders. Styles range from cartoon to key chains, pen to key, bracelets to jewelry and are also available in the form of cards. The flash drives are made out of wood, metal, plastic and leather. All 16 GB flash drives offered on the website facilitate fast transfer, easy to read and don’t need external power supply. They can just be plugged into a computer and used. The devices are small and easy to carry. Other features include antistatics, antifouling process, antimagnetic, high temperature resistance dustproof, shock resistance, lighting resistance and damp proof. All devices offer a reading speed of 22MB/sec and a writing speed of 9MGB per second. These flash drives are ideal for storing and carrying around graphics-intensive documents, high-definition photos, videos, presentations, term papers, spreadsheets and music.

Customer Review

I purchased the 16GB Electric Guitar Shape USB Flash Drive Red from and purchasing from the website was a very satisfying experience. The website was easy to read and I easily found my way navigating through the various pages. The ordering process was fairly simple too and didn’t demand for too much information or didn’t require me to switch from page to page. Delivery of the product was swift and I received my order well before the stipulated time. Even the customer service department was very helpful when I got in touch with them to confirm whether my order had been placed. The website has no hidden charges and you pay exactly the price mentioned beside the product.

Coming to the product, the flash drive functions exactly how the specifications state. Transfer to and from the drive is quick and doesn’t keep me waiting for hours on end. Will definitely purchase products from this website again and recommend the pen drive to my friends.

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