If you’ve earned a place at University – congratulations! For most people, leaving home to go to University is the first time they’ve lived away from their home and family. Whilst you might think you’ll miss your parents and siblings and the family dog, your mums cooking and having your clothes washed for you, not many people consider the other luxuries you take for granted at home.


You might not realise how much you appreciated the huge plasma screen in the living room, the great sound system, or being able to play on your brother’s X box whenever you wanted until you’ve moved away. However, your tiny Uni dorm would look pretty silly with a massive TV and tons of other gadgets. Not only that, but it will be almost impossible to focus on your studies with all those distractions. So what are the best options when it comes to technology at University?


This is an absolute must for University students. A USB stick will be your best friend when it comes to technology at university. Splitting your study time between your dorm and the library is so easy with one of these. It’s very important to back up all of your work to keep from losing it in the case of breakage or even theft. Keep a USB on you at all times.

Hard Drive

Similarly a hard drive is another important piece of technology to take to Uni. USB sticks can only hold a limited amount of data, so if you store music, videos, pictures and work documents on your laptop, it is a good idea to back it up on a hard drive too. That way if your laptop is damaged in any way you will still have everything you need and won’t need to do hard drive data recovery. Your laptop also runs a lot slower if you fill it with data, so storing it on a hard drive will speed things up.


Your laptop will undoubtedly be the most intrinsic piece of technology you will require when studying at University. Gone are the days when Students could get by simply using the university library computers. These days’ students spend a lot of their time researching on the internet, putting together documents and making presentations, all which require a computer. You can take your laptop to lectures, the library, and anywhere else you need it.

Whilst you will use your laptop for studying, your laptop can be used to watch films, browse the net, play games and all manner of other tasks. It is a good idea to invest in a good quality laptop bag or laptop sleeve to keep it safe from harm. There are so many options these days from stylish leather to waterproof and a whole myriad of patterns and designs to suit any taste.

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