Comment is the lifeline of any blog. Blog without comments is rainbow without colors. Can you imagine it? (Yes you can, but there is a way to write! ) So, getting back to the title, I will say, that comment help a webmaster to get motivated and work on his site more effectively. Comments help you to stand apart and make your own identity and your site. Some people are there who get reasonable amount of traffic but no comments. Also! Some receive only 100-200 Pageviews a day and get good amount of traffic. How this is so? We will try to find out answer in this post.


Comments: Why?

  1. Know defects and tips about your creation.
  2. Interact with various people.
  3. Makes your post 100%.
  4. You feel great to have nice comments.

How To Increase Comments On Your Site?

#1: Receive Targeted Audience

To begin with, know from where you are receiving traffic. If you receive unwanted traffic, then you are simply wasting your time and hard work Use tools like Google Analytics to know from where do you receive traffic. This will help you in SEO also and increasing traffic also. Only targeted audience will read and leave their valuable comments on your blog.

#2: Know Your Audience

Try to ask your audience what they want or what can be added to the post. Ask them, tell them, engage them, know them. Try to be polite with them. Run giveaways, do whatever you can to make them comment on your blog. But don’t force them to comment on your blog.

#3: Use a Good Commenting System

This is one of the most important point if you want to get good comments. Using a complex commenting system will not only reduce your comments, but also frustrate visitors and they will gradually leave your website. Commenting system like Google+, disqus, commentluv, intensedebate, livefyre, etc. are preferred the most.

#4: Take It Easy!

Still don’t receive much comments? Take it easy guy! Don’t worry. Just focus on your content and try to get targeted audience especially from search engines like Google. Comments are not everything but they cannot be ignored at all. So, if we missed any point, then don’t forget to tell us that in the comments section. We are waiting to get your responses and comments. Enjoy!

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