Guest Post: Our Host Marcela De Vivo. Marcela is looking at some of the common blogging mistakes that new bloggers make.

It seems like everybody has a blog today, and because most blog sites make it easy to start, operate and update a blog, that shouldn’t be much of a surprise; however, while blogs are simple to get going, it isn’t always easy to keep your blog running smoothly.

New Bloggers Mistake

Below, you’ll find five of the most common mistakes new bloggers make. By following these first-time blogging tips, you’ll have a much more successful blog that will stay interesting to your readers:

Blogging Too Much, Too Fast

When you first start your blog, your head is going to be filled with great ideas. That’s why many new bloggers create content so fast that they’re publishing multiple times per day. Over the long haul, that’s just something you’re going to be able to do.

If you’ve got great ideas, write them down and save them for the next day. Think of blogging like you would running a marathon. Relatively slow and steady wins the race, or at least gets you to the finish line.

Not Posting On a Schedule

Many new bloggers start out thinking that they’ll be posting every single day, or maybe even multiple times per day; however, as this becomes unrealistic, many bloggers move to a more sporadic schedule. Unfortunately, this is bad for regular readers who may be coming to your blog to see your regular content. If you don’t publish on a schedule, readers won’t know when to look for your work. If publishing every day is too much, try publishing on Monday and Wednesday or only on weekends.

Whatever schedule you choose, make sure you stick to your schedule.

Using Bad Titles

You might think there’s no such thing as a bad title for a blog post, but there is. The only truly bad title, however, is one that leaves your readers scratching their heads and searching for your meaning. When choosing blog titles, clarity is of the utmost importance. Choose titles that are creative and funny if that’s your aim, but opt for titles that clearly let your readers know what the following text will be about.

Publishing On Friday and Saturday Night

There may not be an ideal time to publish your blog since it’s going to be on the web and accessible all the time; however, there is a very small chance that anybody will really take the time on their own weekend to read your blog on a Friday or Saturday night. If you really want to work on Friday and Saturday night, use that time to generate ideas. If you do create content for your blog, save it until Monday morning when your blog might actually generate some pageviews.

Throwing In the Towel

A blog can take six months or more to fully develop and find even a minimal readership. In fact, a lot of bloggers will give up after only 90 days if they notice their blogs are not getting the attention they think they deserve. Instead of quitting yourself, try refocusing your content or editing old blog posts with fresh information. It may take some time for your blog to really work, but if you’re dedicated and continue to create great content, there’s a greater chance it will take off for you.

Blogging isn’t exactly as easy as many new bloggers think, but if you’re writing about something you love or care about, it isn’t the worst gig, either. Just make sure you follow these tips when you first start out so your blog can have a fighting chance at lasting success.

[magz_toggle title=”About Guest Author: Marcela De Vivo” state=”open”]Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and business owner whose writing covers everything on social media marketing, web hosting and SEO. She has a clear understanding of how to effectively utilize blogging as a way to expand her business, Gryffin Media, and helps others gain exposure as well.[/magz_toggle]
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