Guest Posting is everyone’s favorite to drive most targeted traffic to your blog, Not only this you can also become more popular in social and can become highlighted in Search Engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo etc. Whenever you contact any other blogger or publisher to publisher on any blogger then you might follow some of the important points or notes that will helps in getting 100% approved on every blog.

Guest Posting

Well sometime you want your posts to be more famous and popular and want to be more social duke but whenever you are giving any post to contribute to other blog then you are getting rejection. Then what you will do ? Simply leave the blog and try your luck in any other blog ? Then STOP ! Don’t ever think of that when Digit Crunch is here then why fear ? We have brought to you some of the important guest posting tips to become a powerful author and which can help you in your blogging career. So now not wasting too much time we are going straight forward with the article.

5 Guest Posting Tips To Become A Powerful Author :

 1. Most Important Be Honest and Straightforward :   Whenever you are about to write any guest post for other blog’s then always try to be honest and straightforward. Nobody likes to get trapped or want to get into any kind of string and when you are giving any guest post to other blogger then he will check and you know that then will thoroughly check what short of article is it that you have written. Don’t ever try to waste time of others and don’t try to butter him or her up with compliments. Get some good points in which the topic is related to and be straightforward.

2. Write Catchy Headline For Your Article : This is the most vital part of getting “Yes” or “No” for your article. Everyone first looks at the headline first then start getting interest in your post if your word are little tricky and catchy then you could easily get interest of others. Always try to embed some keywords in your headline as first of all the Search Engines will take good effects in his/her blog and that’s the main reason the Blogger will accept your article. But you should keep in mind that never write any headline with messy keywords cause it will look ugly so give minimum but good keywords in your article. Then you will get ” Yes”

3. Always write what you know : Always write an article in which you have knowledge in it for example if you are expert in Blogging then don’t choose to write on Guitar or if you know well about Books then don’t write on Flutes. Isn’t So ? But if you choose any unknown topic to write first of all those who know the topic better than you then it will cause an OOPS. But if you really want to write anything and something new then try getting knowledge about it through Books , Google etc.

4. Provide Out linking Links to Your Article : If you are writing any article then you must and should make your readers to read more in the site. So always try to provide outlinks in your post this also provides good impact in your SEO. But never try to advertise other blog’s or your blog in the article it will lead to disapproved of your post and will also affect the site during Panda and Penguin updates which was recently launched by Google.

5. Demonstrate The Blogger That You Know Something About Blogging : The last but not the least, Whenever you are writing and sending the article which you have written through Wordpad then the blogger have to do extra steps in merging and cropping and slicing the post which Wordpad automatically embeds. You should be little cleaver about it so that the blogger must not take extra steps during copying and pasting the post. Make sure that you make the blogger understand that you want to make it easy for him/her to copy and paste it and also try to demonstrate him that the content is unique and is genuine which you can do via CopyScape.

That’s solve, Today you are now quite familiar with guest posting and how you can easily get approved from the Blogger, We are glad to tell you that We will soon launch a specific section for Guides and Tutorials and also a ebook about Blogging which will have 2 Parts. We have already started working on it and will be soon completed and will be launched very soon here in Digit Crunch. Feedback are warmly welcomed, Good Bye , Peace And Happy Blogging !

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