There is a diverse mix of tools and apps available that can help to improve our levels of productivity. Here’s just a few examples of the tools and apps that can make our lives a lot easier.

Increase Productivity


Keeping on top of several social media accounts can be a challenge, but Hootsuite simplifies things. With Hootsuite you’ll see social media posts streamed from your various accounts in real time, with older posts visible via scrolling. Consequently, it speeds up the whole process of logging in and answering posts from one social media account to another.


We can all get lost under a cloud of information, but Evernote helps to identify and list tasks based on their priority. If you’re the type to easily forget something then Evernote won’t let you, and what tasks need to be done will be in front of you on screen until they’ve been done. Think of Evernote like an old style to-do list that’s written on a sheet of paper – but this app is a lot harder to lose!


If you regularly wait for important emails, but dread having to sift through a plethora of ‘routine’ emails, then AwayFind can be a great tool for you. If you just want to be alerted when an important email hits your inbox, and when it’s from a particular individual or company, then you can configure this tool so that you will only be alerted when you want to be. So, there’s no need to waste time during the day constantly checking your inbox for THAT message you are waiting to receive. AwayFind also has a calendar function, so that you can be notified when there’s any email that is relevant to upcoming meetings or events that are important to you.


In terms of storing and accessing files in the cloud, Dropbox will appeal to those who look for tools that are easy to use, but which offer great capability too. Dropbox will handle very large files that, with fibre optic internet, can be uploaded very quickly, and it’s also a simple task to recover any file that has been accidentally deleted. Whether on your smartphone or PC, Dropbox offers 2 gigabytes of free storage.


This is a tool that sets out to do exactly as it says – rescue time. It can record how long you take to carry out a particular task, for instance, or how much time you spend looking at certain websites. The latter can be really useful for cutting down on looking at sites that prove to be a distraction, i.e. looking at news headlines on the net, but finding that an intended minute or two ends up as 15 to 20 minutes. RescueTime can tell you what tasks you’ve accomplished during the day, and how long it’s taken to accomplish them. In a nutshell, it’s a tool that should improve your efficiency – and ensure that, in the future, you don’t waste so much time.

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