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Getting traffic is not just a way of eating one apple but it needs hard work and patients.But what happen if you start getting huge amounts of traffic directly from Google Searches’ ? Then i am sure that you are going to jump off from your computer chair after reading this post. I bet it is cause when it comes to Google then in no doubt that it is the top SERP in the world with billions of billions traffic from all over the world.And if you follow some guides and points which we have mentioned in the post then i am quite sure that you will also start getting visitors from Google.

5 Quality Tips To Drive Traffic From Google :

1. Submit Your Site To Google :  Submitting your site helps Google to index your site contents and display them in search engines. You can submit your Sitemap too to Google so that it may be easier for the bots,crawlers and spiders to crawl your site. So the first point and the most important point to drive traffic from Google is to submit your site to Google.

2. Content is the King : In SEO factor the important and the most point you should note down that Content is the King.As if you are copying someone’s post and then publishing it in your blog then think once that why the visitors will come to your site if they are already getting the same content from the another site.So you must keep in mind that you should be unique and attractive towards your users. Yes it takes some to write and think about your article but the time you are giving to your site is then measured during the PR update in which you will get the result of your hard working.

3. Use Meta Tags in your Blog : Meta Tags plays an important role in driving huge amount of traffic from the Search Engines. Also try to add Tags/Keywords in your blog’s article which you can find from Google Adword or with any Keyword finder tool. You should keep in mind that whenever you use a keyword you should keep a different keywords for different post so that their will be a good conduct of your blog. But don’t mess all around with keywords in your article cause it will not look good and will cause harm to your blog during Google Updates ( Panda Update , Penguin Update ).

4. Ping Up Your Blog Post : Whenever you are publishing your post you should ping them.Like if you have connected your blog with Google+ then you should not waste the chance of pinging and posting it cause it plays an great impact to your blog in the views of Search Engines. You can easily get pinging sites.Just Google it.

5. Optimize Your Blog Post : While writing your post you should keep in mind that optimizing is very important before publishing your post. When any Bots crawls to your blog it first check’s up your Post Tittle, Meta Tags, Content , Permalink. You can get them by following the Steps : Go to >> Click On the Pencil Icon of Your Blog >> Post settings >> There You can Find All the Options Like Meta Tags, Content , Permalink etc.

Focusing on the steps which we have provided is really important if you want’s your blog to be at the Top of Search Engines. So if you follow this article correctly them i am sure that you can see the changes in your blog pretty soon. Peace And Happy Blogging !

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