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When it comes about Blogging or a blog then it is really very easy to create a blog,And with Google’s Blogspot it can be done within seconds.But there somethings which have to be noted before creating it and they are all very important.So What are those,Try to make a guess before you start reading the post.Didn’t find any ideas? Let me explain them to you.

5 Things to Remember Before Creating A Blog

1. Your Blog Name

Deciding a blog’ name is a difficult task and it should be done in the right way,Before choosing the name use some domain name generators to find whether a name is occupied or not.If occupied you will have to try a new name out.You can find some Domain name generators through Google.

2. Blog Topic

What do you want to your blog to be based?This is a serious question which occurs before blogging.Today’s most wanted topic is Blogging itself as websites based on it are very low.But,The best topic would be on technology or on your own innovations.

3. Design

Keep your design ready before you start a blog,A SEO, Ad-sense,User Friendly Design is always preferred. Try to go for a paid template as they provide customization support.There are many template seller,you can find them through Google. WordPress has the most number of templates but try to acquire an unique design by paying a web Designer.

4. Choose a Platform

Platform like Blogger,Wordpress etc.There are many platforms in the net.But the best one is WordPress as it is independent and easy to use.Even it has the best developer support ever.Even Blogger is good as it has Google’s Support and Adsense can be acquired easily.So,I always Prefer Blogger or WordPress.

5. Never Blog For your Popularity Or Money

This is the last one but the most important one.Never blog for your personal popularity or for earning money.You must blog for the audience or to the readers.Every person wants others to talk about him not about themselves. So try to make a blog for the world,Not for yourself

[magz_toggle title=”About Guest Author: Hari Charan” state=”open”]This post is made by Hari Charan of Geek’s Grave. All these tips are by myself and these are really valuable.Share them with others and educate others too.Follow these tips and your blog is sure to be successful.[/magz_toggle]
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