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8 Blogs About Blogging To Start Reading Today

If you’re someone who wants to start your own blog, there are several sites that you can get good advice, tips and insights from. You see, blogging isn’t just about typing your thoughts on a word processor. You have to make sure that your posts are engaging, interesting and actually offer value to your readers. If not, you won’t get an audience base, and your blog site will be pretty much useless.

I’ve compiled a list of blogging sites that offer awesome tips on blogging. Check these out and start reading the posts today (no obvious entries like ProBlogger here, so no worries):

1. Blogussion

Blogussion is a blog site that offers inspirational, useful and original advice to all bloggers out there. The authors want to maintain a homey environment for everyone. Topics covered include blog site design, blog expansion, blog marketing, blog monetization and more.

Blogussion doesn’t just simply give advice, they want the community to interact and join in the discussion. And with a lively atmosphere, you won’t be able to resist not jumping into the topics. Blogussion is a great resource site and a place to become part of the blogging community.

2. Blogtrepreneur

Blogtrepreneur is run by brothers Matthew and Adam Toren. They are serial entrepreneurs and investors who want to share their expertise and experience in running a successful media company. The Toren Brothers believe that good advice is priceless. In Blogtrepreneur, Matt and Adam become mentors and teachers in helping you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

A field that the Toren Brothers specialize in is improving profitability of non-performing businesses. If you need help in this area, you can get free advice from them by visiting this blog. Learn more about management concepts and financing distressed businesses, and making them successful once again.

3. Blogging Tips Today

Blogging Tips Today is a blog site that focuses on helping bloggers make their blog sites profitable. Posts are made by multiple authors and describe blogging marketing, elemental blogging, SEO and helpful writing tips.

The main aim of the blog is to help bloggers improve site value, conversions and eventually, make more cash. What you can expect more from BTT are blogging strategies, money making blogging methods, viral blog posts and traffic generation—all of which helps in generating revenue for your blog site.

4. Spice Up Your Blog

Spice Up Your Blog is a blog site that, well, help spice up your blog. What started as a hobby by the author turned into something valuable. Now, he wants to share with everyone the best ways to spice up your blog for whatever reason you want to.

Paul Crowe, main author of Spice Up Your Life offers tips on the best gadgets, design and SEO for bloggers out there. These tips will help you make your blog site more unique and special.

5. Hello Bloggerz

Hello Bloggerz was launched in April of 2011 with the sole purpose of connecting with the best in the internet marketing industry. Obaidul Haque, the main author of this blog site wanted to share views and insights with the leading bloggers of the industry and preferably share notes on internet marketing strategies, SEO techniques, link building, money making and blogging tips.

6. Blog Craving

Blog Craving may just satisfy any craving for knowledge you have right now. Blog Craving provides advice, tips and the awesome resources for every beginner blogger. But of course, there are great advice’s for expert bloggers too. By showing support to beginner bloggers, Blog Craving helps build a blogging community that helps one another.

7. Hot Blog Tips

Hot Blog Tips provide bloggers with hot tips on blog designing, generating traffic, blog branding, blog monetizing, search engine optimization and blog marketing. Yeah, practically everything you need to know about operating a blog site is already there. Hot Blog Tips offer original advice and advice that is real and applicable in the real world.

8. Another Blogger

Another Blogger, run by Lateif Pakpahan, aims to share knowledge with fellow online bloggers about inbound marketing. What you can expect on this blog site are mostly inbound marketing strategies as the author runs his own inbound marketing agency. Lateif can help you with social media, social networks, beginner blogging, SEO, technology and other things that can help your site’s inbound marketing.

While going through all these sites, I can’t really tell you which one to follow and subscribe. Each blogger is different, and also each one of us has a different purpose of making a blog.
Although just following one recommended blogging site from this list can do a lot for you, it will still be helpful to read more if you can. The more you know about blogging and blog sites, the more successful you can become. Let me know which one is your favorite. And most importantly, have fun reading!

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