It is a common knowledge that every Internet user is impatient when it comes to waiting for a blog or website to load. Therefore, the performance of a website and its ability to load faster determines its usability and success. Website speed plays an integral role in optimizing your website for both search engines and users. If your website loads faster, users will not have to wait for long to access it, thereby reducing the bounce rate of your site.

Top Free Tool

But if your website takes forever to load, most users will turn to other sites with a faster speed. Website speed also has a significant effect on your rankings. If your website has a good loading speed, it will certainly be ranked higher on search engines than slower sites. This article highlights 8 top free tools for examining your website page loading time and improving your load time.

#1 GTmetrix

This is one of the best and most powerful tools for analyzing and tracking your website speed. Apart from showing the page load time, GTmetrix also generates a site performance report based on the YSlow Grade Page and Speed Grade.

It also generates a detailed report about the factors which are slowing down your site and offers actionable recommendations on how to deal with any issues found. This report can be downloaded in PDF format for analysis. You may also use the WordPress plugin version to develop and run a faster and more efficient website for your users.

#2 Pingdom

Another trusted website testing tool is Pingdom. Unlike GTmetrix, it allows you to choose the location of the test server and whether or not the test results would be public. This free website speed testing tool generates several reports such as a breakdown of the time every web page object (images, JavaScript libraries and style sheets) takes to load and performance grades for browser caching. It also provides a page analysis report which highlights information about page load time, size and requests. The Pingdom tool has a very simple user interface.

#3 Neustar

Another popular free web page speed testing tool is Neustar. With Neustar, you will simultaneously run tests from four different locations. Therefore, you will not have to test four times to determine your site load time from four different locations. However, this tool only indicates information about page loading time. Neustar does not offer suggestions on how to improve your site loading time.

#4 Load-Impact

This free load testing and web performance tool offers you data on the ability of your website to handle web traffic. It will show graphed data about user load time (which is simulated by a virtual machine) as well as requests per second (which helps people to see the durability of their web server and its speed in handling web page requests). It has a map which shows the distance between the test server location and your web server location.

#5 WebPageTest

With this free amazing tool, you can test the loading speed of your web page in different browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. It also allows you to choose the test server location. The advanced settings give the option of choosing common internet connection speeds.

#6 YSlow

YSlow is an extension of Firefox which employs a web development tool known as Firebug to analyze and show why a given web page is slow depending on the high performance site guidelines. It provides performance report cards, HTTP/HTML summary, list of web page components etc. Yslow will analyze web pages and generate a grade for every guideline and the overall score. This tool will generate a list of any necessary changes and improvements.

#7 Octagate

This free online service allows you to test the total time taken by internet users to download one or even more pages from your website. This site also offers you some useful optimization tips to help improve the overall loading speed of your website.

#8 Site-perf

This free tool helps you examine the loading time of your site by downloading all your web pages. It will generate reports from which you can know the files that load first and their speed. The reports would be useful in determining which part is alright and which part needs improvement. The reports will be displayed on your screen right after the test.

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