It’s a frequently-repeated piece of computer lore that Macs are better protected against viruses than PCs. This may have been true once, when PCs dominated the computer market and made a much more tempting target, but it is not necessarily the case any longer. As Macs have become more popular, they have become much more tempting targets for viruses. Modern IT services will confirm that both Macs and PCs are at risk for viruses whn they aren’t protected properly.

Apple Vs Windows

The Majority of Viruses Target Windows PCs

The majority of viruses and malware target Windows PCs simply because there are more of them out there. About five out of every six computers used in the United States run Windows, so a virus that infects PCs is five times more likely to find a target.

Macs Are a Growing Target

Macs and Apple devices are much more popular than they were even a few years ago. This means that they are inreasingly a target for viruses and malware. Macs are not inherently any more secure than PCs. Both operating systems prompt users to download unverified programs from the internet and neither are inherently immune to viruses.

Protecting Your Computer

Whether you have a PC, Mac, or one of each, there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself fromm computer viruses. Make sure that you hae a trustworthy antivirus program installed. If your computer doesn’t come with an antivirus pre-installed, it should be the first thing you do when you get your computer up and running. Both PCs and Macs can benefit from from running a designated virus protection application, as well as an ad blocking extension on your web browser to keep you from accidentally clicking on malicious pop ups.

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