Android, the currently dominating smartphone platform, has much reputation when it comes to games. When we do consider massive number of applications available in Google Play store, everyone will be able to find the appropriate game from Play Store. For instance, if you are interested in racing games, you can check out Asphalt, whereas going with some superb online casino games when you like to gamble online. Similarly, you’ll be able to find some of best Android games for your kids as well. Unlike most of you think, these games will not only entertain them but also improving their skills in some topics, especially mathematics and logical reasoning. In this post, however, we’re here with a list of best Android games for kids. We are sure that kids will love these amazing games. Majority of games we have listed here are paid ones, but they are worth what you pay.

Best Android Games for Adults

Medieval Maths Battle Gold

Despite its label as an Android game, Medieval Maths Battle Gold is a wonderful game to learn facts of Mathematics! Yet, your kids will have to use their brain to surpass these challenges and then to obtain Maths facts. During the way to those facts, kids have to defeat dragons, trolls, goblins etc. Through this ‘dangerous’ game, kids will be acquainted with multiplication, addition, subtraction and division. Thus, if you, as a teacher, would like to improve mathematical skills of your students, Medieval Maths Battle Gold will be an awesome game, indeed. You can check out this superb game at Google Play Store.

Ladybird: I’m Ready to Spell

Are you interested in seeing your kids using your Android Smartphone or Tablet PC to become familiar with words as well as spelling those words? If so, you SHOULD check out Ladybird: I’m Ready to Spell and give it to your children. In addition, to make things attractive, developers behind Ladybird: I’m Ready to Spell has used a space theme. Your kid will find a number of practices and tests in this applications accompanied by a Phonetics testing section, where they can improve their fluency and pronunciation. This is also a free game, but you should pay the amount if you want to see your kids getting thorough with words. By the way, it comes from Penguin Books!

Toca Builders

Don’t you remember that block-based building game, where you can find whatever you need using bunch of blocks? If you want to let your kids experience that game, in a secure way, Toca Builders is a must-check Android game for all kids. By means of the ultra-simple user interface that attracts kids, you can use six builders from Toca Builders app to build whatever they want. Unlike the typical block-based games, Toca Builders creates a world in Smartphone screen that is ensured to capture user attention.

colAR Mix

You have heard pretty much about Augmented Reality and its wonderful applications, don’t you? Nonetheless, colAR Mix is a way to let your kids create a 3D, real-looking world in front of them using Augmented Reality. Although it is a completely free application, you have to buy printed colouring pages to create that 3D world, and you can buy those pages from official website of colAR Mix. So, kids have to colour those pages and see them through this app. Indeed, colAR Mix will promote creative skills of your kids in no time, as they will love the particular concept.

Me Books

Here comes another free Android game for kids, who love to listen to picture stories. Using this app, you can get nice picture-based stories from the collection consisting more than 180 books. Moreover, this application is an entirely interactive one, as you can read, listen, record and save books. Being such a superb concept and app, Me Books has acquired many awards and recognition from global newspapers. So, if you like to let your kids know more of those stories, Me Books should not be missed.

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