It is hard to say which blog niches are the most profitable because the moment you create a list of the most profitable ones, it is replaced by another more up to date list. So, this article goes about it in two ways. It shows you to most frequently profitable blog genres, and then shows you a list of niches that are most frequently the most profitable. Even the lists on this article are going to change, but as a rule of thumb it is the ones on this article that are repeatedly the most profitable.

Product orientated

If you are selling a product then it is the niche that most attracts your potential customers. Blogging in order to advertise your eCommerce website is possibly the most apt use of a blog and its blog niche. You may create a blog that is related to your eCommerce product and then use links to rank the eCommerce website up through the search engine results page. Or, you can review your own products and use your blog as a publicity generator. You can even use the blog to improve your eCommerce website or products credibility and online reputation.

Social media orientated

If you make your money through converting people from social media, then your blog niche needs to be based upon some form of social media function. This is not difficult to do, for example, if you have a series of shows on YouTube then you can blog about those. If you have a very popular Facebook Fan page then you can blog about that. You can use your social media to publicize your blog, and use your blog to publicize your social media. You do not have to make the blog “about” social media; For example, you do not need to create posts about how great Facebook is. You just need to tie in your social media functions/elements to your blog.

Software orientated

If you are looking to sell software products, then creating a blog based solely on software is going to help you sell your products by stacking them up against your competition. Reviewing products on a blog is very popular, and is a nice way of selling your software when it is compared to similar software. Software is one of those things that is searched for a lot, usually because people want to know if it contains malware or some sort of security risk.

If you are blogging for businesses

You may set up a blog and post on behalf of other businesses. It is quite common for people to pay bloggers for links or positive blog posts. Incidentally, these are also high traffic blog topics that are often ideal for affiliate advertising. There are websites that put you in touch with businesses who want you to blog on their behalf, but beware as many of the sites offering this are fake or scam sites.

How My Blogging


Car and home insurance blogs are the most popular, but you can also go for other niches within that niche such as life insurance, health insurance, gap insurance. There is also a fairy profitable niche around business insurance. You will find that affiliate advertisers will pay through the nose if you are getting them the right type of traffic.


If this list were in some form of tangible order, then insurance would be first and loans would be a definite second. People are always looking for loans; even during an economic crisis and even if they have bad credit. Typical keywords include: cheapest, homeowner, student, and bad credit.


The most profitable keywords you will find in this niche are: providers, refinanced second mortgages and bad credit. Again, even during an economic crisis you will find that this sort of traffic is profitable, especially if you are getting affiliate advertising clicks.


People are often searching for personal injury, dui defense, criminal, and divorce attorneys, so you may as well cash in on it. If you can pull in the correct traffic then people will pay for links from your blog.


This is a fairly powerful keyword on its own, but if you are looking for a blog niche then try building it around “bad credit” or “cheap credit.”


People are more often searching for the “no win, no fee” variety, so you need to create a website that attracts people looking for personal injury lawyers and criminal defense lawyers.


A blog on education such as for an online degree or where to study blog is going to be profitable at some level. Your payday may not be massive but it will be consistent with this type of niche.


If you are going to do a blog around hosting, then target the keyword “cheapest” as that is the first thing that most people type in when looking for hosting services.


Going back to the personal injury side of things, you can also cash in with a profitable blog that is actually about personal injury or having an accident. Blogs detailing successful “no win, no fee” cases are often profitable.


If you are going to do a blog on software, then aim for “antivirus”, “CRM” and keywords such as “software programs.”

Power, Gas, Electricity

People looking for price comparisons is a nice niche to target, especially if you can give them useful information that they have trouble finding elsewhere. Target keywords such as “switch gas” and “electricity suppliers.”

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