Nowadays, the modern working environment is truly hectic. There are so many tasks that need to be done and it is so difficult to fit everything in. Fortunately, technology evolved to the point at which it can offer us a lot of help. One of the great tools you can use right now is Brief, which is a chat and messaging app designed to help you increase productivity, among many other things.

Brief gives you access to some really good tools and options, like those that will be presented below, and even created a really interesting blog at you can read to make the most out of the app and even learn about what happens in technology.

Brief manages to combine tasks, file sharing and chats, allowing entire teams to work together with increased efficiency. Basically, this is an app that will allow you to remain focused on those things that really matter. It can positively influence both your professional and personal life.

Brief Chat

The most common way to communicate with clients and teams at work is through emails. Unfortunately, this gets quite tiresome really fast. Chat messaging can easily replace email if the app you use is really well-built, which is exactly the case with Brief.

As people chat, the natural tendency of people is to use concise and short wording. When we send an email, we are compelled to make it as professional as possible in a working environment. Due to this, it makes sense to use a chat app to coordinate everything. As you chat, Brief allows you to turn messages into tasks with just a few clicks, organize everything into hubs and quickly delete or edit your messages if this is something you want to do.

Your tasks, files and chats are all featured in the same place. This allows you to move really fast and perform tasks faster.

Brief Zoom Video Chat

Sometimes, you just want to contact someone for a quick chat. Video chat is something that is preferred in the modern working environment. It makes it so simple to meet with partners, clients and teams, even if they are located in a completely different country. The Brief app gives you access to quick video communications with any other user. You just choose to make an audio or video call and Zoom will work exactly as it should.

How Much Does It Cost?

Brief is an app that is still being improved. With this in mind, now is the perfect time to try it out. It is available for free until the paid versions will be launched. This happens during Q3 of 2019. Just download the Brief app (available on both Android and IOS) and see if it is what you need. Check out all the features, besides those that were presented above, since there are many others you do want to take a closer look at. Being an early adopter is always something that should be considered as you get to use the new technology to improve your business.

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