Subway Surfers, a Smartphone game available for Android, iOS and Kindle, took not that time for grabbing attention from Smartphone users, especially voracious Smartphone gaming geeks. As you might have already played, or heard from friends or others, Subway Surfers is all about dashing! We have to admit also that the dashing experience is of course addictive in all means, and you can score more until you are bored or hit by trains! Well, if you have checked out that dashing experience at least once, you might be looking forward to enjoy that experience in your PC also. So, here we are with an awesome solution for those Subway Surfers lovers – a solution to play Subway Surfers in PC. In this post, we will share that easy process of playing Subway Surfers in your PC with you, so that you will not have to miss your favorite game in Windows PCs either. However, before we tell you the actual process of making Subway Surfers work in your Windows PC, we will tell you how it works.

Subway Surfers - Game for PC

You all know that Windows Operating System, regardless it is Windows 7, 8 or XP, does not support. APK files, which means Android application files! Obviously, we have to find an alternative method to run Android apps in PC, and we have done it – Bluestacks. Literally, Bluestacks is an Android Emulator. Simply put, Bluestacks let you create a virtual environment in your Windows PC, in which you can run any kinds of Android application without facing any issues. It is worth noting that Bluestacks App Player does not need you to be an expert developer. On the other hand, you will be able to use it if you have basic knowledge about running a PC.

Method One

  • Download Bluestacks App Player from its Official Website. It is completely free and works perfectly fine in all Windows-powered PCs. You can download Bluestacks from Here.
  • Once downloading of file is over, you can install it in your PC.
  • If installation is over and Bluestacks is functioning correctly, you have to download the APK file of Subway Surfers from Here.
  • Since you have installed Bluestacks App Player in your computer, unlike old times, you will be able to open the .APK file without any issues.
  • Instantly, the APK file will start installation of Subway Surfers in your virtual Android device. In seconds, the installation process will be over.

Well, now you can start dashing now!

Method Two

This method is easier when compared to the formerly mentioned one! In this method, you do not have to install any kind of third-party software to run Subway Surfers for PC. Instead of that, you can follow these simple steps.

  • First, you have to download the EXE file of Subway Surfers for Windows from Here.
  • As it is an .EXE File, which is compatible with Windows-based computers, you can double click on it to install.
  • Once installation process is over, you can see a shortcut in your desktop to Subway Surfers.
  • Double click on that shortcut and enjoy your dashing game!

Despite the fact that second method is easier when you want to play Subway Surfers in your computer, we would say first one is more advantageous. When you have followed the second method, you will be able to play Subway Surfers only, whereas the first method will create an Android environment in your Windows PC. In that environment, you will be able to install any android applications, including your favourite Android games, which will be far more enjoyable in PC screen. Yet, if you have less time to spend, you can go with EXE installation method. By the way, do you have any alternate methods to play Subway Surfers in PC? We are eager to know whether you can excite us.

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