Entrepreneurs That Have Inventions

Entrepreneurs may not always be inventors, and vice-versa, however the two have come together fairly often throughout history! Check out a mere few of these entrepreneurs and what made their invention ideas so amazing:

Benjamin Franklin

The founding father has been referred to as “America’s first entrepreneur” and created a number of products in addition to writing, printing, and hanging with the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Bifocals, the Franklin Stove, swim fins, the lightning rod, odometer, the flexible urinary catheter…the list goes on.

The Wright Brothers

The brothers are great examples of inventors/entrepreneurs, having invented the world’s first airplane. While others developed flying machines before the brothers’ time, the Wrights were the first to create aircraft controls resulting in fixed wing-powered flight. Their three-axis control made this possible; the Wright Company was incorporated in November of 1909.

Thomas Edison

Often credited as the “world’s greatest inventor,” Edison developed 1,300 invention designs in his lifetime, the electric light and the phonograph among them. Also celebrated for his entrepreneurial skills, Edison was successful in making money off his inventions. Since many inventors and other geniuses achieve success posthumously, Edison’s prowess is certainly something to admire.

P.T. Barnum

Barnum named the Barnum & Bailey Circus “the greatest show on Earth,” with attractions including “freak” sideshows. Besides pandering to audiences’ interest in the bizarre, Barnum is considered the father of modern advertising.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

The Apple computer created by Jobs and Wozniak was crazy-intuitive, with Wozniak the man behind the technology’s operating system. Jobs knew a thing or two about marketing, and this powerful team’s innovations were masterful. The rest, as they say, is history.

Samuel Colt

Colt’s revolving pistol was one of the biggest new inventions of the 1850s, with his manufacturing methods hailed as the precursor to the Industrial Revolution. For example, Colt’s use of interchangeable parts resulted in the modern assembly line. Additionally, the inventor/entrepreneur’s Hartford, Connecticut factory sold firearms to the North and South during the American Civil War.

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