Today we are living in an era where social media has taken over our lives in such a way that it has become a necessity of sorts. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are the most popular ones which take away the lion’s share of the social media world. Indulging in social media is a great way of socializing with friends and family and staying connected but this comes with its own risks and makes one vulnerable if these social platforms not used appropriately. This is especially true for folks whose social profiles reveal personal information to strangers. A casual attitude on these public forums might not seem like a big deal but careless posting, liking, friending, and sharing jeopardizes not only your privacy and reputation – it may also cost you your job.Facebook Mistakes

Tips to Ensure a Smooth Facebook Experience

#1. Avoid Click Baits: Most of the users fall prey to click baits on their walls although its absolute sensationalism crap. While advertisers earn when you click on any of these eye-catchy links, you end up wasting your time reading some shoddy articles which are frequently flat out lies or extremely exaggerated.

#2. Don’t Accept Friend Requests from Strangers:  Although the very purpose of public platforms like Facebook is socializing you must always be careful about whose friend requests you are accepting. You should never have strangers on your friend list as there is no way of knowing whether this profile exists for real or is a fake one. Also, you make yourself exposed to a stranger with all your personal information which can be misused in a number of ways.

Facebook Stranger

#3. Don’t Mix Professional and Personal Life: This must be a thumb rule. Your colleagues should not make to your friend list. Imagine some unflattering post circulating at your workplace. A safer approach would be to use LinkedIn or any other website which is tailored to your work life.

Personal Professional Life

#4. Don’t Contribute to Ad Campaigns Unintentionally: Each time you like a Facebook ad, the connection is shown on your timeline. At the same time, you may also appear on the vendor’s page and in ads pertaining to the page. Additionally, the advertisers can then send you messages and post content on your news feed. This connection may also benefit third party apps as there are chances it will be shared with them. In such instances, you can unlike most ads immediately and control your connections via your privacy and profile settings.

#5. Handle the Privacy Settings Appropriately: Tailoring the privacy settings to suit your requirements is of utmost importance. You should know just when to draw the line and not put yourself at risk by sharing excessive personal information. For example, if the privacy status of every detail, picture, and post on your account is public, you allow just about anyone on Facebook to get a peek into your life. If you let your guard down on this front then anyone can misuse this information.

#6. Don’t Flood People’s Walls with your Daily Schedule: Facebook does give you an option of making check-ins, sharing your emotions and activities, etc. The frequency with which you use these options boils down to your preference. But you must remember that over indulgence in these will only make you look like a narcissist and also bug people.

#7. Don’t Let Friends Tag you in Embarrassing Pictures, Posts: Facebook allows people to tag their friends in their posts and pictures. Now what appears entertaining to your friend might be embarrassing or offensive to you. So always have the review feature on for all the stuff you are tagged in and avoid such unpleasant situations.

Unwanted Images

#8. Posting Every Tiny Bit of your Life May Pose a Threat to your Privacy: Now, this might seem a bit far-fetched but sadly this is the truth. In this age of instant gratification, most of us gladly make check-ins about our vacation trips, restaurant visits, movie outings, etc. But have you ever put in a thought that everyone has become tech savvy these days. So when you broadcast this information to the world you might be unknowingly alerting a stalker, thief or any other malicious person. So maybe you could just wait till the time you are back to your place before posting these details on Facebook.

#9. Going Heavy on the Use of ACRONYMS for Almost Everything: No offense intended but this point is especially for all the people out there who are blindly following the lingo fad of using acronyms for just about anything and also creating their own dictionary by recreating spellings. For example, there are posts where ‘cool’ is replaced with ‘kewl’, ‘you’ is replaced with ‘ew’, and the list goes on. There is a common notion that screwing the English language like this looks trendy but people don’t realize that grammatically correct English is far more appealing than these newly defined words which sound the death knell of English language.


#10. Don’t Share Any Posts without Some Fact Finding: Do not give a knee-jerk reaction to any post you read on Facebook. Do some fact finding and check the authenticity of the post and its relevance before you start sharing it with your friends. There have been lots of instances where people have unintentionally helped in spreading fake news. So you must be cautious while sharing any post.

#11. Be Sensitive to Others: While every individual is entitled to have his/her opinion on any subject but it is highly important that he/she is sensitive to others. When you share any post or status update make sure that you are not being sarcastic, biased or ironic and that your opinion does not hurt sentiments of other people.

#12. Don’tLet Facebook Keep a Track on You: Facebook has algorithms that actually track what you watch, like or click on. This information is then used by facebook to target ads to users on behalf of advertisers. As if this was not scary enough, there are tons of companies which make use of Facebook to keep a watch over you, without you even realizing it. This tracking can be minimized by tweaking your settings the right way – keep editing and reviewing the installed apps,
don’t log into sites using facebook, don’t allow your friends’ apps to see your info, and lastly, remove the apps that you don’t use anymore.

#13. Don’t Become a Slave to Facebook and Kill all your Precious Time there: While Facebook is a great socializing platform but it still is a virtual world. It is ok to spend some time there but you should not waste away hours there just scrolling up and down liking posts, updates, pictures when you could use the same time in doing something constructive like pursuing a hobby or finishing up some of your important tasks. Do not let the line between your virtual and real world blur.

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