Free vs Paid Software
We use different kinds of software tools on our PC. Most of them would be free software. These tools belong to different categories like security, utility, communications, etc. As like with any other product, free software has become very much popular when compared to paid software. Actually, one can get full fledged services only with paid software. Let us know more about their differences, similarities so that you can know which one to choose among them.

Completely Free Piece of Software

Free software, as the name suggests, are kept available for free download from internet. They can be downloaded without paying even a penny. Most of these free software tools come with some limitations so that the user can go for the purchase of full fledged software soon after he or she gets satisfied with the services or features. That is the reason why these free software tools will not be full but will be a introductory version. In most of the cases, the company offering free software will also be offering paid software and it will be using the free version to promote the sales of paid software.

Trial Version Free Software

In few other cases, we can download the paid software for free of cost, but with time constraint. It will be coming with some expiry dates. These are called trial version downloads. Through this kind of software, companies want their prospective customers to have a look at their services and features in a full fledged way, so that they can purchase the software if they are satisfied with the features. This will be beneficial for both customers and companies. Customers will have better idea about the software before purchasing. He or she will know whether it is worthy software to be purchased or not. Otherwise, they might have to spend huge amount of money and end up in regrets if they don’t like the software. Free software or trial version software will help the prospective customers to enjoy value for their money. Also, they would help the customers to make better buying decisions, by allowing them to purchase the software only after getting completely satisfied.

Open Source Free Software

Few other kind of free software tools will be offered in an open source environment. Such software will be free for download ever and the companies will not be moving forward with commercial intentions. Such software will be developed not by a single person or company, but by group of enthusiasts who want to make the software available for free of cost to the end users. In few other cases, companies offering free software will get revenue in the form of advertisements or opt in databases, or any other such sources.

Coming to the concept of paid software, they are offered by software developer individuals or companies who sell it as product to the customer and offer full fledged customer care support after the sales. Purchasing the paid software will entitle the customers to enjoy few privileges which are not generally found on the usage of free software.

What we find commonly on the internet:

Most of the software will be offered in two versions. One will be made available for free of cost while the other one will be offered at some prices. Users are provided option to check the features of free version and promote them to purchase the paid ones. They would keep some differences between the free version and paid version in order to encourage the customers to go for the purchase of the software.

Much care has to be taken while downloading the free software because of the reason that there is a threat of downloading malicious software. Download the free software only when you are sure about the source or software provider. Do not download the software from unknown or unreliable sources. They might enter your PC to damage it or spread the virus to other system or to steal sensitive data from your computer. So, it is very much necessary that you download the software only after ensuring that it is free from any malicious programs. While purchasing the paid software also, much care has to be taken.

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