The video conferencing and chatting has turned the coin of the communication industry and brought the energy in the field of communication. Replacing the traditional communication system to contact the people living far away from you, the video conferencing has lowered the virtual distances from each other. With the help of video conferencing, you can call your relatives and do a video chat with them. It is excellent for the business people, clients, friends and the relatives living far away from each other.

WebCam Recording Software

For doing video conferencing, we need the computer or laptop, internet connection, and the Webcam. Without these three things, the video chatting or conferencing is not possible at all. With the help of the webcam, we can record the videos of yourself and send them or publish them on the internet. Without a webcam, it is impossible to do the video chatting. If you have the webcam attached to the computer and want to record the video of yourself for some purpose, then you can use any video recording software program which will help you recording and managing the webcam and its shoot.

Webcam Recording Software for Windows

1. Debut Video Recorder

The Debut Video Recorder is the free and useful software made for recording the videos through the webcam or any other external video recording device connected to your computer. If you want to record any video through the webcam of your PC or laptop, then you can use this software for doing so. With the Debut Video Recorder, you can record all types of videos in almost every available video format.

The Debut Video Recorder is available for the Windows operating system and also for MacOS. It can help you to capture HD webcam videos in multiple formats like Mp4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, MKV and much more.

2. ManyCam 4.1

The manyCam 4.1 is the wonderful webcam video recorder app with numerous useful features. If you want to record the videos using the webcam and later add effects in them and crop or edit it furthermore, then the ManyCam 4.1 comes to your rescue. There are numerous features added in the free version of this software, like the Transition effects, game capture, filters and IP Camera Streaming.

There are many more features available in the premium version of this software. If you want to get everything in this software, then you’ve to pay $49.99 for the premium version.

3. SplitCam

If you are looking for absolutely free webcam recording software program for Windows, then you should check out the SplitCam. The SplitCam is free to use Webcam video recording software for windows with various features needed for recording video from a webcam. The SplitCam is different from the other webcam recording software because it comes with the tools required for the Video editing.

In the SplitCam, you can find the video splitting tool, which allows you to split the video you’ve shot. Also, the software comes with the features like 3D masks, filters, streaming services integration and much more. This is free to use the app, so you don’t have to purchase it.

4. Yawcam

It’s another free to use software program made for video recording on Windows with Webcam. The Yawcam is free to use software which comes with some unique features which make the video recording with the webcam on windows an amazing experience. The Yawcam software comes with the features like live streaming of the video, simple User Interface, take snapshots, etc.

The app is free to use and simple for the beginners. It is available to install on the Windows XP, 7, eight operating systems.

5. Free Webcam Recorder

The Free Webcam Recorder is the free software program, as the name suggests. The Free Webcam Recorder is a very helpful software program for recording the videos from the webcam attached to your computer. If you want to record the videos from your webcam for various uses, then you can record and export the video in multiple formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, etc.

This is one of the lightest webcam recording software made for Windows operating system. So, if you are looking for the free and the lighter webcam recording software, then Free Webcam Recorder is the one.

6. IP Camera Viewer

The IP Camera Viewer is slightly different from the other webcam recording software programs for windows. This software program comes with the feature of surveillance using the webcam. The software is specially made with the intention of surveilling the house or office through the webcam attached to the computer. You can record the videos through this software and choose the different settings, but this is mainly for the Surveillance purpose.

So, if you are not focusing on recording your video through the Webcam, then IP Camera Viewer is a great software because it works as the cost-effective surveillance system if combined with the Webcam.

7. Free2X Webcam Recorder

As the name suggests, the Free2X Webcam Recorder is free to use Webcam recording software for windows. If you have the Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10, the Free2X Webcam Recorder will work very well. With this software program, you can record the video and audio using the webcam. You can record and export the videos in the AVI and WMV Format for further use.

The software comes with integrated file manager which can be used to manage the location of the recorded videos. Also, you can increase/decrease the camera brightness, contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness. The software is free to download on the official website.

8. Weeny Video Recorder

This Software program is the simplest tool for recording videos from the webcam on Windows operating system. It is a free Software program available as freeware. With Weeny Video Recorder, you can record the videos using the Webcam. Also, you can record the Screen of the computer with this software, which can be useful for recording “How-To” videos for uploading to the YouTube.

With this software, the user can create the output video file in the WMV Format. Also, while recording the screen, a user gets the option to change the recording area to the Fullscreen and Windowed Mode.


There are many software programs available for recording the video from the webcam. But, in this post we’ve included the best webcam recording software programs for windows. These Software programs are chosen on the basis of the features and the usability.

All of the mentioned webcam recording software programs are free to use, so you can download them and use without paying a penny. We hope you liked this post and will share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

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