We all know the fact that Apps are the sole components, which make Smartphones really smart, regardless of platform or extra features! Therefore, when you want to ‘exploit’ the maximum from your Smartphones, indeed, you have to install many apps, especially those in the efficiency and productivity category if you really want to talk about smart.With the modern day workaholic being able to enjoy constant connectivity through both their office broadband, home broadband and indeed even mobile broadband is now available for lower costs than ever before (Mobi-data being the cheapest provider we have found)

Get Most Out Smartphone

Once you have set up such an internet connection in your Smartphone, you can start that exploration of a plethora of productive applications. In this article we would specifically like to take a look at some of top productive apps for Android Smartphones. We chose Android because it is one of the most popular mobile platforms on the market – and has established a loyal following of users due to the vast diversity and customization offered by android operating systems and the subsequent diversity and creativity of the apps that have been created for the platform. We hope these apps will help you get the best out of your smartphone device! So, shall we start exploring that awesome list?


Ever thought about converting your Android Smartphone into a financial manager? If not then you should be thinking about it, and now that you are – you should check out Mint.com, which is one of the best productive apps you can grab for Android phones. Just as its name suggests, ‘Mint.com’ can help you track all your financial expenditures through a few taps on your Smartphone screen. And, of course, due to the presence of that intuitive user Interface, all your information will be easily retrievable and understandable. Other than tracking, it has many features such as saving credit/debit card info, keeping your eye on online transactions, bills that have to be paid, etc. As an App that handles sensitive application, the developers have included tight security capabilities along with the read-only attribute. Apart from these, desktop support through the website, Mint.com, is equally worth taking advantage of.

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is all about creating a suitable environment for viewing, editing, and creating documents through a smartphone interface. Comparatively, Kingsoft Office would do its job awesomely if only smartphone screens were larger!Though this may not be a problem for some of the larger smartphones that resemble small tablets more than phones.The app allows you to keep track of your office obligations even if you are away. Through its extremely simply UI, Kingsoft Office aims to make Office documents management easier than ever before. Of course, through this app, you will be able to create different kinds of documents such as Word, Presentations, spreadsheets, etc. If you are tight on time(and who isn’t) then the functionality this app provides allows you to actually do work on your phone by working on more sophisticated files as opposed to the traditional approach to simply ‘monitoring’ your work and perhaps responding to emails at most.Kingsoft Office for Android is a must-install Application for your Smartphone, and we are sure about that.


For those of us who do most of our browsing on our smartphones, we can agree that reading documents onlineand general browsing has certainly come forward in leaps and bounds, you only have to look at the wild success of the kindle to appreciate that people are comfortable reading from digital screes as much as the common paper book. This is the principle that allows pocket to be successful – it is an app that is targeted at those that for whatever reason do not get enough time to read online, and will have to save the article for later reading. It is quite simple to understand the workings of Pocket,  simply put, it saves online web pages for later reading on your device itself. For instance, suppose you come through an interesting article while surfing web, but you lack time to read that article. In this situation, you can save that article to Pocket, and the application will keep the article in readable form.  For saving the article, you have to go to the ‘share’ section of browser, and then select ‘Pocket’ and the app will do rest of the job. Using this method, you can save lengthy articles to your device for further reading if you do not have a good internet connection all the time – perfect for the tube or going out in the country where connectivity becomes less than a certainty.

What do you think of these Android Apps? We are waiting for your valuable words.

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