As you all know, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive are Online Storage services owned by two Internet and Technology giants, Microsoft and Google. These services are obviously, two best tools for file synchronization with web as well as office works through web. Because of this fact, users usually get into confusion when selecting one of these services as their default one. It is just because of that both services have exclusive and standard features with them. Today, let us have a comparison on these services based on the Productivity features they have.

Access to Files

Apart from being a normal file storage service, both SkyDrive and Google Drive are capable of previewing and editing files online with their native editors, which may look like your normal word processor or spread sheet editor. These services support office type files including .doc, .rtf, .xls etc.

Google Drive

Still we have to say that Microsoft SkyDrive is a bit more efficient in accessing your files online. If you want to edit your files in Google Drive, you have to export those files to the official Google Drive format first. Otherwise, your office files would be available only for previewing and not editing.


However, SkyDrive has the capability of editing files without any exporting activity and it is a bit faster as well. Support of more file types is also noticeable. Apart from normal document formats, SkyDrive has the support of OneNote as well. In addition, we must add that it will be easy for you to handle your office documents with SkyDrive since you are using Microsoft Office for your office needs.


As we mentioned above, both of these services have editing capabilities, sometimes rather than your desktop-based document editors. As you can guess, SkyDrive and Google Drive are capable of styling your documents at the basic level like bold, italics, hyperlinks etc.

Google Drive Documents

Nevertheless, when it comes to research type article editing, Google Drive is be better. When compared to SkyDrive, G Drive has some different style options, integration to other Google Services by means of scripts and insertions. Obviously, the winner in the section is obviously Google Drive.


This is the most significant thing that you should care about when using Web Based editors for your office purposes. As you can guess, your whole effort will be useless if you cannot use the edited once in your desktop. Since Microsoft Office is the office software used widely, you have the responsibility to make the document, compatible to Microsoft Office. Both of these service providers know this fact and they have an excellent support for Microsoft Office.

However, we have to favour Microsoft in this case because the compatibility of Google Drive made documents with Microsoft Office is not that much good. This is pretty easier to guess that SkyDrive will usually get the first preference, as Microsoft Office and the mentioned service are siblings. Though both services have a decent support, we will have to choose SkyDrive.


This is another important thing when you handle your office works online, especially team works. In most times, you might have to share the document with your team and would like to get suggestions of edits from them. Both this services have sharing options with them.

However, we would have to favour Google Drive when considering the sharing capabilities. In Google Drive, you can share your files to web and users with a Google Account can access those files much quickly. In Google Drive, there is an important feature that you can set specific privileges to specific people so that they have unique rights on document. For example, you can let a bunch of people to view the document whereas letting someone else to edit it as well.

Google Drive Sharing

Nevertheless, in Microsoft SkyDrive, you lack the feature of granting specific people to do specific things. Still you can share your file through email, social media etc. So it is a productivity failure of Microsoft SkyDrive, we must say. Therefore, the winner in sharing features is Google Drive.

SkyDrive Sharing


In this case, no noticeable competition is there between these two services. Both of them have desktop clients and seem to sport an economy synchronization speed as well. Therefore, we would have to say that the preference is neutral. However, Windows 8 has in-built support for Microsoft SkyDrive.


As our major topic is Productivity, Integration with other services is a major point. In this section, both SkyDrive and Google Drive have their own capabilities and exclusive features and hence not possible to compare them. Still, we would give a little preference to Google Drive.

As you can see, Google Drive is simply connected to your Google Account, which means that the company could integrate the storage service with other Google Services anytime. For example, there is an option available to save your Gmail attachments to Google Drive directly without a download and upload procedure. In addition, the company says that they will integrate Google Drive features to other services as soon as possible. Hence, we can expect Google Drive, a major building block of upcoming Chrome OS from Google.

The case of SkyDrive is also not much different. There is a small change that SkyDrive has integration in OS level while Google Drive is still in Browser level. As you might know, Microsoft SkyDrive has tight integration with Microsoft Windows 8, enabling easier access to files, on time synchronizing and other exciting features etc. If you are a big fan of Windows 8 and you will not mind missing Google Products, you can choose SkyDrive.

Upgrade Plans

This option might be in your plan as you are using these services for building an office environment in Web. If you look at the plan options, Microsoft SkyDrive costs $50 for an upgrade of 100 GB while Google Drive will take $60 from your pocket per year. In this case, we would have to favour SkyDrive, simply due to its fewer prices. Nevertheless, keep one thing in mind that Google Drive is already offering 15 GB for free, which is double than that of SkyDrive.


We have compared most of the Productivity based features of Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive. It is quite noticeable that each service has their own uniqueness in some sections. For example, we can take the sharing features of Google Drive and Windows 8 integration of Microsoft SkyDrive.

Though there is such a fact, we can say that Google Drive will enhance your Office Productivity if you are using other Google Services for your works. The service seems to have some compatibility errors when compared to Microsoft SkyDrive though.

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