Instant messaging service is one of the major attractions for people new to internet. Now it has become very much common. There are different kinds of companies offering this IM service now. Earlier, Yahoo and Rediff were most popular but now Facebook and Gmail became much popular. Few companies wanted the users to download an IM Client on to their PC, for availing their services. But now, Gmail and Facebook have started to provide IM right in their browser windows. In this context, it is very much necessary to know what the best IM Software tools are:


It is one of the most popular online choices. This is one of the most reliable and most popular ones having support for different kinds of services like AIM, MySpace, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, GTalk, Jabber, ICQ, Flixster, etc. Meebo is now offered as extension to Firefox browser, so you can IM right from your browser window. This IM service offers group chat feature also. Best part of this software is that it is offered in mobile versions also, for iOS and Android.


Nimbuzz is offering both web based IM client software and mobile version too. It is increasing in popularity these days. It is considered as favorite by many users. Best part of this IM software is that it allows the users to make calls or for sending files. The users can even opt for group chats and other features.

Nimbuzz, as like any other popular IM software, allows the users to integrate different networks in to one. For instance, users can integrate their Facebook, Gtalk, MySpace, etc networks in to Nimbuzz so that they need not login to each of these networks every now and then. By entering the username and password in just one service i.e. Nimbuzz, one can login to all of their supporting IM networks. Another interesting feature of this service is that it allows the users to group their friends, or segregate based on their networks or to put them all in to a list.


Imo is relatively a newer service and is becoming popular since recent times. It has got many novel features. It allows the users to mark their buddies to who they talk the most. It also allows the users to rename or reorder the list of buddies. Search option is also provided on the list. Imo interface allows the uploading of pictures of buddies.

Imo Im comes with support for video chatting and group chatting options. Best part of this software is its simple to use interface. Keyboard shortcuts of this software enable the users to quickly switch between the options.


It is generally considered as niche IMr’s tool. It has support to normal IM services like Yahoo, AIM, MSN, GTalk, etc and it also provides support for Jabber, XFire, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, etc. If you are a member of such small networks, Kool IM would be the only option for you.


This IM client works on Mac platform and it supports wide range of protocols like Google Talk, MobileMe, Yahoo, Jabber, MSN, AIM, ICQ, XFire, IRC, Twitter, Skype, Facebook Chat, Bonjour, Live Journal, XFire, GroupWise, etc. It’s design is very attractive. It makes use of aqua design rules and hence it will be in sync with other standard windows on Mac OS. Best part of this IM service is that it is updated very regularly and hence it won’t get affected by any bug easily.


This IM service also belongs to iOS. But that doesn’t mean that it is optimized for iPad. It supports protocols like MobileMe, Facebook, Google Talk and AIM. This app can be in line with other programs of iOS which are generally well designed. Palette comes in muted grey & blue colors, making it very much attractive. It is very much attractive to see with images, avatars and indicators.

Best part of Verbs IM service is that it is lightning speed. The interface is very simple and is very quick in responding. It will be very interesting to see the animations and typing interfaces instantly and beautifully. One can get top notch performance on this IM service.

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