iPhone has become one of the top used smartphones of all time. Ever since Apple has released iPhone 5, the demand for these smartphones has escalated with a great speed. Everyone now wishes to own one. Well, to be honest, the best things in this world are never cheap and same is the case with Apple’s iPhone. Sometimes you cannot avoid the surprises life comes with. What if your precious phone gets damaged or stolen? For the average person, it’s a major loss because it’s not easy to purchase expensive gadgets again and again.


Get the iPhone insurance

All problems have solutions, and so is the case with this issue. You can get your iPhone insured. This insurance will turn out to be a lot worthy thing for you and the iPhone insurance will not be a bad thing at all. How bad can it be to pay such a minor amount of money each month to protect your gadget? After all the insurance will bring you loads of benefits. If you accidently damage your precious smartphone, you won’t end up losing the money invested. According to a specialist gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble, the most popular gadget to insure is the iPhone.

There are many consumers, who already consider it important to get their smartphone insured. However, some of the users still are in doubts whether to get one or not. Everyone will have a different reason to get the iPhone insurance. There are such consumers, who think that when they are investing money in such a big-league then it must have some protection too. Beside them, these are some of those individuals, who think protecting their phone is momentous no matter how much costly the insurance is. Moreover, there are others, who will find this insurance just an additional expense that is better avoiding.

Why would I possibly need insurance for my smartphone?

The insurance can be useful in a number of ways.  The very first reason to get your insurance is to make your mobile secure and save the money from waste. There will be many other benefits too. You will get an opportunity to maintain your phone functionally and operationally because the coverage will offer the opportunity to upgrade your gadget and make it new. Usually the mobile phone companies that provide these products bound the consumer to purchase a 2-year contract for using their service. The customer usually cannot upgrade his device until the expiration of the contract. He will have to pay full price for getting the new device.

If unfortunately, you lose your phone, then you will be at huge loss. Without insurance, you will have to go on without a phone. If you have purchased the phone with the 2-year service contract then you will have to keep on paying for it. The new phone then you would purchase will be assigned to the contract that you are already paying for. Thus, you can say that the insurance cover from £5.99 per month will be the best option to stay protected.

What coverage does the insurance offer?

If you have finally decided to go for the insurance then you will be interested to know what kind of coverage the insurance brings. Being a consumer, you would want to know what kind of benefits you will get from the investment. Here is what the coverage will bring:

  • Mechanical Issues

Mechanical breakdowns are often unexpected. If something goes wrong with your phone and its warranty is over too, then you might have to spend lots of money on the repair. A good thing is that when the smartphone will be insured, there will be no need to fret about the expenses. The insurer will pay for the repairs if the fault is not covered by the manufacturer.

  • Sudden Breakage Or Damage

We are human beings and so, we can mistakenly cause many troubles for ourselves. What if you suddenly crack the screen of your phone? What if your phone gets some exterior damage? Insurance will cover for the repair and even replacement of the phone.

  • Loss/ Theft

A research says that only 38 percent of the smartphone users have a password set for the phone screen. If the secured phone is lost then there is no tension about the credit or personal information stored in it but if a non-secured phone is lost then this means that the thief is going to get access to your credit information too. A good thing is that the insurance of your iPhone will keep your phone data protected even if it is lost or stolen. The insurance will offer credit monitoring service through which you will be able to control the access of your personal information while you get a replacement phone. You can even lock the phone and remove personal info.

  • Overseas Coverage

Some of the users question that protection of the phone within the country is not enough for them. What if they are regular travellers and they lose their mobile phone in another country? Well, that is not an issue because the iPhone insurance coverage provides overseas protection too. Whether you are on a holiday or a business tour, your smartphone will be under the ultimate protection.

In nutshell, paying the iPhone insurance will not be that expensive. After all, your investment will be saved and you will be at relief no matter where you are. So, get your iPhone insured now!

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