In the contemporary world, in which technological developments are making their exclusive effects in almost every side of our day-to-day life, as the owner of a business venture, you might be interested in implementing those technologies in your small or huge venture. If you have an affirmative response towards the trend, you can use Microsoft Dynamics EMEA 2013 for accomplishing that relevant task. Simply speaking, becoming a part of the Convergence 2013 will help you in keeping yourself up-to-date with business-oriented products as well as services from the Technology Giant.

EMEA 2013 Convergence is a dedicated premier event, in which members of Microsoft Dynamics Community will be a part. Microsoft Dynamics is a community, which is available throughout Africa, Europe and Middle East, and it does comprise many businesspersons, who want to avail benefits of implementing Microsoft’s business-based products and services in the venture. If you can include yourself in the mentioned community, you should not think twice for attending this awesome conference. In addition, the program will take place at Barcelona, Spain starting on 4th and ending on 6th November.

As we mentioned earlier Convergence EMEA will have presence of different communities such as Microsoft Business Solution Partners, Microsoft Certified Partners, along with thousands of Microsoft Business Solution customers, who make use of Microsoft products in their business. Once you have decided to attend the conference, you can avail many benefits such as the following ones.

  • You can build your skills in making use of Microsoft Solutions in your business
  • You can interact with golden personalities including Microsoft Partners, Microsoft Team Members, Experts of the community via meetings in the conference
  • You can get exclusive information about Microsoft’s strategies and vision about the technology-powered world of Business.
  • You will get information about implementing Microsoft solutions in sectors such as Professional Services, Retail services, Government & Healthcare, Financial etc. Through this session, you will have clearer idea about the clever use of tech.
  • After all, as we mentioned earlier, you can meet many strategy experts in the event and they will share the valuable insights for you. Obviously, this is the most important thing in the event because business tips and strategies will help you ever, especially in this competitive world.
  • In addition, the speaker list of EMEA 2013 includes Kiril Tatarinov – Executive Vice President of Microsoft Business solutions and Jean-Philippe Courtois – president of Microsoft International.

An infographic by Cognitive Group about the Dynamics Convergence  EMEA 2013.

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