With the coming up of many customizable operating systems and cheaper smartphones, the mobile application market is all set to boom. There are a number of mobile applications that are developed by independent developers all across the globe to offer you features that you want and make you operate your mobile phone in a way that you want.

Android Apps

Some of the top 20 mobile phone applications are:

1. Facebook App

This application doesn’t need any introduction. The Facebook is one of the world’s most popular and highly visited sites. An average person spends almost one to hour on the Facebook. There are a lot of features that are offered by this app. This makes application preloaded with almost all mobile phone across all the major OS platforms.

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2. Angry Birds Star Wars

This is one of my favourite games. The game is now a global phenomenon that has captured the entire world by storm. This is a simple game that is based on some laws of physics. This game is available in various versions across all the leading platforms.

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3. Hundred Push Ups

This Android application step by step takes you to the level where you can easily perform 100 push ups.

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4. Google Drive

This is for those who are always connected to their work on the go. This application allows you to access and edit various documents, presentation and other notes anytime and anywhere.

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5. MX Player

This app is also conferred as “VLC player of Android”. This app is capable of playing various audio and video formats without any need for downloading codecs and plugins.

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6. Need For Speed Most Wanted

We have encountered Need For Speed (NFS) at some point of our lives. This exotic racing game from Electronic Arts has set the standards for the future racing games that will be based on mobile.

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7. Twitter

This is another social media connectivity application where you can connect and share your views with the outside world. The application is capable of doing almost everything that you can perform on the website.

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8. WordPress

Well this application is for the new generation of bloggers who want to connect with their blog 24X7. This app allows you to edit posts, add new posts, install plugins, manages comment and much more. This app is available across different platforms.

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9. Tumblr

Much like WordPress application, this app is also another excellent mobile application that bloggers can use to manage their blogs.

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10. Asphalt 7: Heat

This is another excellent racing game that have made to our top 20 list. The game is available across all the major platforms and is the most anticipated game of 2011.

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11. APMobile

This is a major news application that is built for the iOS platform. This application brings in content from major news websites of the world such as New York Times, etc.

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12. Easy News

This is another fine news app that brings in content from 20 different news sites. Along with this the app is capable of fetching latest info from various blogs and magazines also.

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13. RunKeeper

This application encourages you to run the maximum distance you can. You can generate a number of vital statistics such as calories burnt, time taken, distance covered, map trials, etc.

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14. Skyfire

This application is equivalent to Safari web browser on the Mac OS. This web browsing application is made for Windows Mobile OS. It has almost all the features that must be included in a standard mobile OS.

15. Indeed.com

This application for the job seekers who want to have instant notifications and alerts about a job opening or a vacancy. This application can be accessed across all the major OS platforms.

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16. LinkedIn

This is another job and profile searching application that finds the best jobs and suitable networks that you must join in order to gain maximum exposure.

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17. Dinner Spinner

This application is made keeping working women in mind. This application assists you in determining the best dish that you can cook for your dinner or meal with the available ingredients. You can search for the recipes over the internet also.

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18. Loopt

This is a GPS based application that allows you to track your Facebook friends and family members. You can easily track your kids and send them instant pings. You can also locate a nearby restaurant and garage.


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