As long as you want to receive payments from your customers, you cannot rely completely on Cash. In fact, I do wonder whether there is a society that completely relies on currency for paying. We are not just talking about Debit Cards and Credit Cards either. There is a wider variety of payment methods you can rely on this day, thanks to the digital revolution. What we meant to say is this simple: you obviously need a POS System if you want to offer an intuitive and convenient way for your customers to pay. And, wouldn’t that be simply awesome if the same POS can help you manage almost all parts of your store? Well, this is apparently what Clover POS Systems aim.

POS System

In this article, we will be talking about Clover POS Systems, which offer an innovative way to receive payment from customers. It’s available for both big and small businesses out there. Or, should we say, it’s been made for every business out there. We can have a small review here, checking out what all innovative features are being offered by Clover. Shall we begin with an introduction to POS Systems?

The Need of POS Systems and Where Clover Becomes Evident

When we talk about the perfect financial set up for businesses, we talk about three things mainly. They are: one of the best merchant account solutions, one of the most store management system and indeed one of the most efficient payment reception system. Get one out of this list, and the whole thing would turn upside down. That’s why we recommend having one of the best-in-market POS Systems for your store, no matter how small or simple it is. Gone are the days of huge-enough payment systems that take up half of the table. And, here is Clover, adding more productive things to POS Systems.

An Introduction to Clover POS System

Clover POS System is something like an umbrella that brings all the financial management aspects of a store into a single interface. Just look at the image and you’d understand how simple and organized it is. You can place the system on top of the table, enjoying the benefits of minimal space consumption. However, once it has been set up, Clover would be powerful enough to manage everything — from inventory to employees and from payment reception to analysis.

Weighing just 5lbs, Clover POS System simply redefines the way you see accepting payments. As far as the compatibility side is concerned, Clover Register has support for all types of payments — Credit Cards, Debit Cards, all sorts of Contactless Payments, EMV Chip Cards and even some of the upcoming ones. All these are awesome, given the dedicated nature.

An Additional Perk of Portability

Clover POS is not just about the additional features. It offers ultimate convenience, whether it’s contactless payment or a common card-swipe. In case you didn’t notice, Clover has a detachable flexible head for placing the device. Once you have entered the necessary information about the order, you can simply turn it other side for customer’s convenience.

Similarly, if there is a huge crowd outside and you want to take orders and receive payments, you can take the device from the stand and get going. All these works seamlessly, thanks to the dedicated design. Also, due to the modular structure of Clover POS interface, you can have the features that you need and when you need them. For instance, it’s up to you to decide whether you need Table management feature.

Wrapping Things Up

At the end of the day, it’s somewhat assured that Clover POS System would be a wonderful addition to your business and financial management. As you have seen, the package is pretty comprehensive and you won’t have to spend for the additional features. So, it’s probably the best win-win situation for business owners in the field.

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