Nowadays, Facebook has become an integral part of our social life. Instead of meeting friends in person, we are chatting with them on Facebook. From the Facebook Mobile app, you can connect with friends anytime. But, there are many people who recommend uninstalling Facebook app from your smartphone. No matter how much you loWe investigated further on this recommendation and found some interesting reasons to uninstall Facebook from your smartphone.

Uninstall Facebook

You’ll feel that there is nothing wrong for the reasons given below. No matter why you love Facebook, you’ll definitely agree with the below-mentioned reasons to uninstall Facebook app from your smartphone. Here are the reasons to uninstall Facebook from your Smartphone.

Reasons to Uninstall Facebook App from Smartphone:

Phone Performance

The smartphone app of Facebook eats too much RAM and storage space after installing. Once you start to access Facebook through it regularly, it will start to eat RAM and storage space like a termite eats wooden furniture.

If you installed the Facebook app on a smartphone with low resources, then you’ll definitely regret after installing Facebook. Even if you have a smartphone with higher specifications, the Facebook app will not let you enjoy the smartphone performance fully. So, uninstalling the Facebook app is best for smartphones performance.

Drains Your DATA Plan

You might be using Wi-Fi for using Facebook in Home. But, when you are away from your Home, you use internet data plan from your telecom provider. Using Facebook App using Cellular data connection can help you to drain your internet data plan quickly. Well, Facebook app eats lots of data to load properly. And if you have limited internet connection, then you should not use it at any cost.

Battery Life

Smartphones are not always good when it comes to battery life. You have to connect the charger to your smartphone once in a day. If you have the Facebook app installed on your smartphone, then you may charge it twice or thrice a day.
The Facebook app is the main reason behind the short battery life of your smartphone. You can charge your smartphone fully before leaving home, but the Facebook app will eat all battery before you reach your home. If you care about the battery life of your smartphone, then you should uninstall Facebook app.


Facebook is a very much addictive social networking medium. You have your friends, pages you like, groups you follow and tons of shared stuff. Once you open the Facebook app, you start to check out everything which is posted and showing up in your news feed.

These things distract you from your main work. The continuing use of Facebook on a smartphone can be a huge distraction in the path of your work and success. So, if you care about your work and know the power of concentration, then it is better to uninstall Facebook from your smartphone.


Facebook is a great medium to connect with people across the globe. But, the wrong way of using it can cause you an unnecessary headache. Now you know what are the demerits of installing the Facebook app on your smartphone. Using Facebook on a smartphone has many disadvantages than advantages. So, these were the reasons to be considered to uninstall the Facebook app from your smartphone.

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