If you are a blogger or internet marketer, you know the importance of screenshots and images, especially in case of tutorials type articles. Nonetheless, if the process consists of tens of steps, it is better to make a video for easier understanding. Isn’t it? As you all might know, as a Windows 7 user, there is a pre-built tool in Microsoft Windows 7, Snipping Tool’ for capturing screenshots from your PC. Nowadays, even basic PC users require such a screen-capturing tool, in order to send images to your friends. We must say that the tool is splendid, as it can help any newbie or pro PC user to create desired screenshots from your PC, stuffed with some additional features to captures such as free snipping, window snipping and full-screen snipping etc.

However, we should also mention that the tool is not enough when you have to become more productive and less time consuming. Now, you have a better choice by the way, named Snagit. Snagit is versatile tool, as you can use it for taking screenshots from PC as well as recording your screen. Indeed, the latter feature is superb one, especially for vloggers (video bloggers) and bloggers. Here, we will give you a detailed view on this multi-purpose application.


As previously mentioned, Snagit is a superb tool for capturing your screen, recording the happenings in your PC screen as well as recording contents to your clipboard. However, main capabilities that we should consider are the first two ones – screen capturing and recording. For supporting each of these functions, Snagit has annexed a fully functional editor with the software, for editing screenshots, with many features that you may not find in Word.

Snagit Introduction


Sometimes, you may wonder how TechSmith team has stuffed these much features in such ~ 50 MB sized software. Apart from normal recording and file exporting, Snagit has many additional features, which are quite productive for the ‘busy user’ in you, though there is some other software for same purpose. As far as the user experience is concerned, Snagit is a viable alternative for Snipping Tool for those, who have less time but bigger jobs. Now, let us check out the working and features of Snagit.

Installation and Initialization

Installation procedure of Snagit is quite simple when there is a comparison with its rivals. You can download this software, weighing around 50MB, from their official website. The installation will not take more than one minute. Once you have completed the installation process, you can see one window, like shown in the following image. Here, we have used the latest version, Snagit 11 and you may face some variations in other versions. However, we prefer you to upgrade to the latest version, as it includes various productive features in it.

Snagit Dashboard Window


Dashboard of Snagit contains enormous number of features, which let you consume less time and effort. Along with the dashboard window, you can see a special icon on top of your PC screen, which may look like the following image. Once you have put your mouse over the icon, it will expand to show more features. Personally, this is the most important and productive feature in Snagit, as of our experience. As you can see, the small toolbar, One-Click, can help you to capture screenshots and videos without opening the whole software but with single click. Hence, it is a tremendous feature indeed but we will talk more about it soon.

Snagit One Click Image and Video Capture


Notable Features

As we said in the earlier part of article, Snagit consists of some splendid features in it, which in turn helps you to become quick and productive. Now, we can start exploring those features and we start from Snagit Dashboard.

Snagit Dashboard

Main dashboard of Snagit consists of various sections including ‘Profiles’ and ‘Profile Settings’. Here profile means the mode of capturing (image, video or text) as well as some timesaving modes that have integration with other software, you may want to use, such as Microsoft Word. You can click on each profile for using it and the corresponding setting will appear on the next section. In the left side of the application, you can see three options for opening snagit editor (we will discuss later), turning off OneClick captures and for getting more productive profiles from the developer. At the same time, you can see some customization options by going to Tools à Program Preferences.

Snagit Editor

Along with the powerful screen recording tool, you can see a lightweight but powerful image editor as well. Currently the editor supports only images but the features are helpful. There are massive number features including insertion of dialogue boxes, re-sizing of image, hostspot creation, image highlighting etc. All these pre-built features can help you when preparing images for your blog. The editor resembles the user interface of Microsoft Office and various features are available in different tabs.

Snagit Editor Last Tab Sharing Features


Apart from editing, in the last tab, there is also some options for sharing your image or video to other applications such as Word, PowerPoint as well as websites such as YouTube. For quicker retrieveal of files, on the right section, there is a file navigator present.

Image Capturing

In the software, you have different options available for capturing screenshots from your PC screen. You can use the OneClick button or hit ‘Print Screen’ button in your keyboard for taking screenshots when you want them quickly. Otherwise you can go to the Snagit application and hit the Photo icon after selecting the profile ‘Image’. Currently, the application does not activate effects but you can. For doing so, you can select options such as following.

  • Region: For capturing specific area. The application will highlight each main section when you bring your cursor to the area.
  • Window: Capture a whole window
  • Scrolling Window: Capture full windows, which have more content and where you need to scroll down.
  • Free Hand: Capture your screen with your own sizes.Snagit Image Capture Special Area

Apart from these, there are some image capturing profiles to save your time. You can click on each profile followed by ‘Capture’ icon to do things fastly. Noticeable profiles are as follows.

  • Share via screencast.com: Application will automatically share the screenshot via website.
  • 10-Second Delay: There will be a countdown of 10 seconds before capturing. This feature is useful when you have to capture mouse hovering effects [For instance, profile hovering in Facebook].
  • Insert Into Word: Image will get inserted to Microsoft Word.

There is another section called Effects, where you can apply some technical effects to the captured screenshot. The list of effects includes Color Mode, Color Substitution, Color Correction, Caption, Image Scaling, Edge Effects, Trim, Border etc.

Snagit Image Features

Screen Recording

You can start recording your PC screen via Snagit using either the Snagit Dashboard or OneClick icon. Once you have clicked the icon, the software will prompt you to select the region, window or full screen that has to be recorded. All of profiles of image capturing are present in video recording too. Sadly, there are no options in snagit for editing your videos. However, you can save or share these videos in MP4 format.

Snagit Video Editor

When compared to other screen-recording applications, using Snagit is pretty easy, even in my low-configuration PC. In addition, time-saving profiles such as 10-second delay, date and time caption etc are much useful.


Recalling what we said and according to our experience, Snagit is a must-install windows application for each blogger and internet marketer. Though you have to spend a decent amount of $49.95 for owning a license of Snagit, you can try Snagit for free, by downloading the installation file from the official website of Snagit.

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