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YouTube is the number one video streaming sites in the web world and it is the main entertainment source for those who enjoy video songs, video tutorials, etc. All other video streaming sites seem to be a tiny one when compared to this industry giant. You might have also watched hundreds and thousands of videos on this website and hence it needs no introduction. But we all might have faced necessity to download few particular videos from this website, to have offline access. Even in case of slow internet connection, people would like to download the video so that they can watch it completely without buffering.

Wide Range of Options to Choose From

There are many ways to download YouTube videos, although there is no official download link on the video page. Users can opt for online help or offline software programs for downloading these YouTube videos. There are wide ranges of software tools available on the internet to download videos from this site. You need to download those programs on to your PC first. But make sure you are downloading the most reliable ones. There are also some malicious programs downloading in the name of YouTube download tools. Hence users need to be careful while downloading such software tools.

Just Google for YouTube video download software, you will get thousands of results. Most of these tools will be free of cost, but there are also paid versions. Major difference between the free version and paid version is in the quality of the video, duration of download and length of downloading. Free software can suffice the needs in many cases, but when you want to have the video in better quality and in complete version, you may need to get the paid version.

Trial Versions of the Software Tools

Also, there are trial versions on the internet. One needs to be careful with these trial versions, because they would get downloaded on to your PC for free of cost and claims to download the YouTube video free of cost. But while actually downloading, it will download only half of the video and says to go for the purchase of pro version to get the full length video downloaded on to your PC. Such trial version software tools are to be avoided unless you want to try it before purchasing the full fledged one.

How to Download the Videos

Software for downloading the YouTube videos will ask you to provide the link of YouTube video. Just paste it in the given box and click on ‘Download’ button. It will analyze the video and will check if there are permissions for downloading it. If permissions are not present, it will not be able to download the same. If there are permissions, it will check for the available versions and will get a list of formats, from which you can choose the best one.

After selecting the format of the file, either mp4 or mp3 or avi or swf or any other format, the software starts downloading the YouTube video. This way, you can get YouTube video to your PC for having offline access too.

Online Software Tools for YouTube Video Download

There are also online software tools to download the YouTube videos. These software tools have become much popular when compared to their offline counterparts. People nowadays prefer to have online software tools rather than downloading the software tool to their website. Such online services are wide ranged in number and provide opportunity for the users to enjoy different kinds of features. These online software tools also ask for URL of the YouTube video, and when you enter the URL, it will take some time to retrieve the video.

After retrieving, it will show few options with regard to the format of the file to be selected. Based on your preference and your internet connection speed, you can select the format you want. Make sure that you are downloading the format which can be played on your PC. Otherwise, you might need to download other kinds of software tools in order to make the video to run. But before downloading the video, make sure that the video doesn’t contain any copyright issues. If they are any kind of copyrights, it is better to avoid downloading such videos in order to avoid future potential problems.

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