Gone are the days when iPhone was just owned by business professionals and thought to be suitable for business purposes. iPhones are a rage among the young generation now and one can see even a college-goer flaunt an iPhone in his hand. iPhones are inarguably the best device you can have. And if you own an iPhone than you have more reason to celebrate. With the gaming world evolving from 2-D to VR( virtual reality), you can feel the experience of 3-D gaming in your iPhone also. Here is the list of 7 best VR games for iPhone that you should be playing right now.

Best VR Games

Ever since Google made the announcement that its Cardboard apps platform can be made compatible for an iOS, the iPhone has got a taste of VR games. So you can now find these amazing games that are available on both Google Play store and Apple’s App store.

End Space VR

Ever dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot as a child? If yes, then this game if your childhood come true. Here you get to be the space shooter in virtual reality. You are the pilot of the small space fighter and you are engaged into an intense space battles. You task is to eliminate endless leagues of alien attackers. It is something more line what you watched in a sci-fi movie. You can use your headsets trigger button to fire your ship’s laser or use the gaze based target shooting.

End Space VR is one of the most engaging and immersive games with awesome AAA graphics and 3D sound graphics. The battles get harder as you progress in the game and you also get powerful upgrades for your space craft and weapons. Plus it also has 3 beautifully designed space environments you can choose.

The game is priced at 0.99 USD.

InCell VR

Well, the above game involved fighting in the outer space. But ever wondered if you could fight battles in inner space? This game is designed to combat wars inside the human body. It’s a thrilling ride inside the micro world of human cell. The objective of the game is very simple. You are shrunk down enough so that you can easily enter the body and your main aim is to fight and eliminate the spread of deadly viruses from harming the human body.

It’s a perfect mix of science and a racing game. The design, colours and graphics will leave you amazed. And the game is for free.

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

Lamper the firefly returns back with a sequel to Lamper VR. In this one you get to play again as the little Lamper whose mission is to save his friends who are held hostage by the evil spiders who have also taken over the entire Firefly Kingdom. Experience the beautiful and colourful world of forests and VR during your adventure. You can overcome enemies using fireballs and power-ups. You can even play as 5 different fireflies that have their own unique styles but only after you have rescued them.

It is the best designed VR runner game. Caution-It is very addictive. The game is priced at 0.99 USD.

Zombie Shooter VR

Now let’s admit it. We have all been a fan of Zombie’s and always dreamed about fighting them if we ever happen to come across one in real life. This game will help you live your dream but in a virtual environment. This game is both fun and scary at the same time as you walk through tunnels, subways and other scary places searching for zombies. The game is simple. You need look around for zombies as fast as possible, look at them and shoot them aiming at their heads.

This game gives you a good taste of what to expect in future from VR games.

Romans from Mars 360

This game is as fascinating as the name suggests. You get to experience the cartoon world but in a 360- degree VR. You play as a Roman soldier, he sole person standing against the Martian army and save the planet from their invasion. And your partner is this mission is the crossbow which you can upgrade to make it the best killing weapon.  Crush the enemy by using arrows and elementals powers of Fire, Ice, Earth and Lightning.

Another great VR game that is available for free.

Roller Coaster VR

We have all enjoyed the roller coaster rides in amusement parks but how about experiencing a roller coaster ride that never ends? This game offers a joyride through the deserts, mountains, waterfalls, forests etc, something that you will never get to experience in real life. Enjoy the beauty of nature as a traveler on a ride that never ends. This game will require VR glasses or a headset. This one is also free.

Fractal Combat X

This one is another fighter game. It is as good as the original Fractal Combat X but being a VR game takes its level higher. Here you are the pilot of a fighter jet with new missions at hand. You get an option to play this game with or without a VR headset. If at all you need one, you can enable the option in the Graphics settings menu.

You can control and navigate the direction of your jet by the movement of your head. It is very easy to play and control. You also get to upgrade your jet and weapons. You also get to earn credits as you go on playing. All in all Fractal Combat X offers great graphics and gaming experience.

Best VR Games for iPhone – Conclusion

Here is the complete list of the 7 best VR games that you can enjoy on your iPhone. These VR games played on an iPhone is sure to give you an enhanced experience. Some of them are sure to leave you absolutely stunned by their amazing graphics and features. Without waiting any further, download them now and start playing.

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