The world of software is developing much quickly! The larger number of software in web we see is the perfect example for that. We can say software is what makes our PC practically useful even though the OS serves as the base. As you know, there are both free software and paid software but majority of people does not want to spend money for buying software. Instead, they get the same software through some illegal ways. There are only a few people, who try to find a free software, which would serve just as the paid one.

However, nowadays, there is a tendency in the web that exploits the user mentality of getting free software. It is so obvious that people usually ends up in a big trap when they download some malicious software to PC, which are published under the so-called ‘Free’ label. So you should make sure of something before you download free software into your PC. Hope the following tips would help you.

Do Not Follow Search Engine

This is what many of you do when you need free software for PC. You just go to Google and type ‘Software Type Free Download’ (say Web Browser Free Download) and hit enter. Usually, Google would bring you thousands of results and you select one link and download the software. If you want to save your PC from threats we mentioned before, you should stop this habit because a person with high SEO skills and normal designing skills could fool you easily.

Instead of approaching search engines, we should try the ‘Top’ lists of famous websites. Many websites used to publish lists of top free software, which would help you in getting such software quickly. Such sites will not prefer you malicious software as it would affect their reputation as well. So following this way will save your time as well as increasing your PCs from security threats.

Recognize the Developer

This is not a truly practical way because you might not know the name of developer of software, even if you are a regular user of the software. Still, in some cases you can try to keep the developer’s name in your mind so that you can get other software from him easily. If you trust that developer by using his previous works, you are getting a good way for downloading free software.

Source Matters

The site, from which you download the software, is also a major factor. It is always good to download software from some trustworthy websites such as CNET. If you are looking for open source software, you can choose SourceForge as well. These sites will not ruin your browser with your irritating ads or pop ups but brings a good platform for downloading software free, with no malicious content in it.



Listen Reviews

Suppose if you have found good software, claiming to be adequate. You have to ‘listen to others’ opinion about the software before downloading and installing. What you have to do is making a Google search of ‘Software Name Keyword’, which would result in a bunch of positive reviews in the case of good software and vice versa.

Nevertheless, you should not listen to the reviews that appear in pages that are controlled by the developer of software. In such pages, the developer tries to hide negative comments and to promote the positive ones. However, in websites like SourceForge, all reviews will be appearing and you can get a good verdict on the software.


Just like all other files, software installation files can also comprise malicious stuff in it. Therefore, it is always good to scan downloaded files using a good antivirus before installing. Whether it is a problem of developer or note, such malicious software can make big problems in PC. You will not have to pay for antivirus anymore because there is a good list of free antivirus from reliable firms like Microsoft.

Windows Defender



Sometimes, your antivirus cannot find the malicious content in the software and then you can make use of a Sandboxing in order to prevent the actions of the software during its running process. If you want that much security, you can also try setting up a virtual machine and test the software in it.


If you have finished downloading and found no malicious content in the free software, the next step you should listen is the installation process. We have seen some software, which forces you to install third party software during the installation process. If you are a user who never listen to the install dialogue and forward steps, you might not notice a check box, which will install a third party software or toolbar in your PC when ticked. Therefore, you should be very careful while installing free programs in your PC because they would be monetizing the software indirectly by means of some third party toolbars.


Most of the bad experiences we have seen with free software are caused by the reasons listed above. Therefore, we hope that those tips mentioned above will help you in prevent the complexities in finding free software as well as to find free software quickly.

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