The Windows is most used computer operating system in the world. The Operating system is developed by the Microsoft and got immense popularity because of the features and the easy to use interface. The Windows is the most popular computer operating system, followed by the Apple’s MacOS. Although the Windows operating system can be installed in any free computer, the Apple’s MacOS can be installed in the Apple computers only. For those who have Apple computer, like iMac or the MacBook, are tied with the MacOS. But, if you are not satisfied with the MacOS and want to run Windows on Mac to get the simple user interface, then you landed on the correct blog post.

Run Windows on Mac

In this post, we are sharing some of the best and easiest ways to run windows operating on the Mac. We have collected four exciting ways to do it without much hassle. So, if you have Apple machine and want to run the Windows on Mac, then you can follow the below-mentioned methods to run windows on a mac.

How to Run Windows on Mac?

The MacBook and iMac are based on the Closed hardware environment. Which means, we cannot install any other operating system on it or modify it in any straight methods. So, we have to use some backdoor methods to install another operating system. That’s why the methods I am going to mention for installing Windows on Mac are the little bit complicated. They are easy compared to other methods, but still little complicated for the noobs who are new to this installation and other methods.

Parallels Desktop for Mac

The Parallels Desktop is the Virtualization software available for MacOS computers. With this software, users can install and run any operating system or the ISO file virtually, without affecting anything in the current operating system. With Parallels Desktop Virtualization software, you can create the Virtual Machine on the Mac and then install the Windows on Mac with the ISO file of the Windows OS.

The Parallels Desktop is pretty amazing software for installing the third party operating systems on the Mac, but it’s  not free. The Parallels Desktop for Mac is the premium software, and the best subscription plan is available for $79.99/- per year. If you want to take the test run, then you can try the 30-day trial mode of this fantastic software.

Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp Assistant is the Native Mac OS software, which is available on the App Store. Technically, it creates the Boot Partitions for the operating systems on the Mac. If your Mac PC/Laptop comes with the Intel Processor, then you can install the Windows on Mac with the help of Boot Camp assistant software. The software creates the Dual booting environment on Mac, which is required to install another operating system side-by-side.

The software will create the dual boot environment and then resize the drives to install another OS on the Mac. As it creates another drive for the operating systems on dual boot, you cannot access the data from the other partitions which has other operating system installed. Except this one backdrop, the software works very well. You can easily find it on the App Store.

VMWare Fusion

The VMWare Fusion is another virtualization software, which helps you to create a virtual machine and run another operating system without switching current one. The VMWare Fusion is the Mac software which will help you to run Windows on Mac with ease. The software is very much similar to the Parallels desktop which we shared in the previous point, but the setup process of this software is different.

The VMWare Fusion comes with the sophisticated User interface. With the modern and straightforward user interface, it becomes easier to setup the Virtual machine and then runs the Windows on Mac. This software comes with inbuilt applications, which automatically deal with the problems on the virtual machines. If you have Intel Processor based Macintosh, then you can use this software to run Windows on your Mac.

VMware Fusion is not a free software, but it will cost you $80 for the lifetime license. Use a free 30-Days Trial option if you want to test the software before purchasing it.

CrossOver for Mac

If you don’t want to create a Virtual Machine on your Mac and still run the windows, then there is another way around. Most of the times, people try to install the Windows on Mac because of the compatibility of the software on the Windows, which cannot run on the Mac. But, the CrossOver software removes this barrier. With the CrossOver, the user can run over 13,000 different Windows software, which is not supported to run on Mac.

This software was originally developed for the users who want to play the games on their Mac computer. The CrossOver app supported only games to play on the Mac, but soon they added support to over 13,000 software to run on Mac. The CrossOver for Mac helps you to ignore the Virtual Machine or the Boot partition installation of the Windows and save your time. Instead of installing the Windows on Mac, you can directly run this software.

The CrossOver for Mac is available at $60 for the lifetime license. If you want a trial, then they provide a 14-Days trial period offer.


Windows has highly used the operating system on the computers. Almost every software which is created by the developer supports the Windows operating system. So, it is little frustrating for the Macintosh user to get that software late on his system. That’s why many people choose to install the Windows operating system on Mac side-by-side. I hope you have the same reason to install Windows on Mac computer.

That’s all we have in this post on How to Install Windows on Mac. We tried our best to explain the methods to install Windows on Mac. If you are facing any problem on Macintosh while installing or running the Windows, then please comment the issue below in comments section.

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