Your iPhone never leaves your side and is key to getting you through your daily tasks. But could you do more with your phone? The answer is likely yes, as there are a wide variety of iPhone accessories manufactured by Apple and Apple premier partner companies to help you get even more.

iPhone Accessories

1.Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Your phone has access to your music library and streaming services that allow you to listen to music anywhere, but your phone speakers are not always enough. Bluetooth speakers, manufactured by some of the top companies, offer stereo quality music at the tip of your fingers.

2.Stand or Tripod

A portable stand or tripod is an excellent addition to your phone, as you can do much more hands free. Many allow you to prop your phone up in both landscape or portrait orientation to capture hands free photos. Additionally, it offers easier hands free conference calling or reading.

3.360 Degree Camera

Some companies offer small video camera attachments that allow you to shoot your own 360-degree videos for virtual reality attachments. This is a great way to share your awesome trip abroad with friends and family. The small cameras offer fisheye lenses and high pixel resolution.

4.Bluetooth Headphones and Sports Band

Whether you are enjoying a run outdoors or sweating it out in the gym, there are a number of apps that provide exercise classes, workout music and fitness advice. A solid set of Bluetooth headphones and a simple sports band allow you to take your phone and its resources anywhere.

5.USB Storage

You can quickly find yourself without ample storage on your phone. However, a couple companies have crafted storage devices with both lightning connector and USB connectivity to help you more quickly back up your phone information and transfer it to your laptop.

Your local iPhone accessories store can help you find these items and much more. Simply look for “iPhone accessories near me” to access these great tools.

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