Technology made our every part of life simpler and easier. The music industry is a part of technological evolution. The music listening started from Gramophones, then cassettes and then Compact Disks and lastly solid state storage. The music has evolved and reached in every household by many ways.

Free Online Music Streaming Websites

The best music is the choice of everyone and it gives pleasure to everyone who is listening. There are many ways to listen music on-the-go. Many people store the songs on their smartphones or portable music players. But, the problem of storage space arises when you have lots of songs on your device. To solve this problem, online music streaming websites come to your help. With free online music streaming websites, you can listen to songs of various genres without worrying about the storage capacity of your device, just stream the songs you like and listen them. Here is a list of some of the best online music streaming websites to listen songs by streaming them.

Best Online Music Streaming Websites


Gaana is one of the most popular free online music streaming websites in India. The is very popular in Indian youngsters. On, a user can find many licensed songs from Bollywood and Hollywood. You can sort them according to their genres.



Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming websites on internet. There are millions of songs listed on Spotify to listen. You can choose from many music genres, albums and artists. The Spotify is a perfect website for music lovers to listen songs online.


Pandora is a smart music recommendation service. On Pandora, all the listed tracks are of high quality, i.e., with 320Kbps bit-rate. Pandora is known as the smartest way of listening to online music. On Pandora, you can search songs from various artists, Genres and albums for all over the world.

Amazing Tunes

If you are a lover of international music, then you should check out This website has genre specific specific songs from all over the world. There are genres like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Metal and others.

AOL Radio

AOL Radio is an online radio site which has over 200+ global radio channels listed. Every radio music channel will surprise you with amazing song from different genres and different language. This site is a completely free for users to listen 200+ radio music channels.

XBOX Music


Microsoft’s XBOX Music is another online music streaming service, which is popular. This service available on XBOX Consoles and Windows PC’s. The XBOX Music is an online jukebox with over 30 million music tracks listed. You can find any of your favorite songs and listen them easily.


7th online music streaming website in our list is “8Tracks”. The 8Tracks is an online music streaming website and social networking website, on which you can hear the songs and create playlists to share them with friends. You have to create a playlist with a minimum of 8 music tracks and there is no number for maximum tracks to add to playlist.


So, these were the list of all awesome online music streaming websites to listen songs online. Some of these sites are paid and some are free to use. Even on paid sites, you can listen songs for free, but to use additional features, you have to pay them. Now, you can try all these paid and free online music streaming websites to listen songs on the internet.

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