World of Technology is advancing day by day! Gaming, which is also a powerful section of technology, is also keeping that pace in such a way that we can see an entirely new era of gaming quite soon. Now, we can see different kinds of categories in the world of gaming, unlike those old days, where there were only some racing games and Super Mario! In the current scenario, however, you might take a few minutes or hours to find the favorite game title from the huge list!.

rends in Gaming World

In this article, however, we have come up with a list of superb gaming trends that we can see this year. Indeed, these trends will have their unique effects in several kinds of games including aforementioned categories. Moreover, an introduction of such trends will make gaming experience an extraordinarily enjoyable process with the help of both hardware and software improvements. Now, we will have an overview of those about-to-rock gaming technologies and trends.

Cloud-based Gaming

Nowadays, everything has a counterpart in cloud computing, let it be document creation, file sharing, file storing and anything else! Soon, you can see such a counterpart for high-end gaming as well. Indeed, one of the notable changes that a gaming industry is going to see in 2014 is the integration of cloud computing into gaming consoles and all other devices. Once the technology has been established, you can enjoy your games from any device with the help of internet connection. In addition, we can expect games that will give same experience in different platforms, say Windows and Android, so that a player will not miss the spirit of games even while she or he is in the on-the-go mode. Yet, we will have to wait and see how cloud computing and its derived technologies are going to transcend gaming experience. It should be noted that implementation of cloud computing in gaming will improve a scope of community gaming due to its support for multi-device accessibility.

Innovative Hardware

Another improvement to be soon visible in a gaming industry is the rise of innovative hardware technologies, which is in turn focusing on keeping you closer to the game. For example, we can take the case of Oculus Rift! You can expect this technology in upcoming gaming consoles and other devices, and Oculus Rift will literally take you to the world of unprecedented gaming experience. Once you have worn this glass-like device, you will actually be the protagonist of a game, and you choose your movements, viewpoints, and actions! So, if you are playing a war-based game, you’ll feel that you are in a warfare instead of being an omniscient person. Oculus Rift is just an example, and many of such nice hardware-based advancements are getting ready in a backstage. Altogether, considering these improvements, gaming in 2014 will have a new definition when we consider the way it communicates with the gamer.

Standardization of Consoles

As time progresses, we can see the transformation of gaming consoles to get same standard! Nowadays, none of the gaming consoles is cross compatible. In future, however, we can expect an app-store-like system to get your desired games regardless console you use. In this way, gamers will get rid of that sadness, when developers do not come up with game version for the console they own! Also, if there is such an app store, we can expect a huge number of new games from talented developers. These changes, in a way, will make purchasing a gaming console a more productive in perspective of an avid gamer! Indeed, standardization of consoles is the most anticipated trend in 2014 gaming.

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