Linux is going quick! You might not accept the statement if you are a hard Windows or Macintosh fan but the fact is, you have to accept. In previous years, Linux has acquired a dramatic growth in popularity and usage with the help of various distributions including Mint Linux and Ubuntu. We can see some people around the globe, who are currently sticking on Microsoft Windows (We will have to exclude Mac users) despite the fact that they want to use Linux based operating systems and enjoy exclusive features of that open source community’s product. It also seems that Ubuntu and Linux Mint are the best choice to start with if you are new to the wide world of Linux.



Apparently, the problem is one of the myths in technology field, which states that installing and using Linux is a herculean task for users from other OSs. Even though we may have to agree with the case of using, we strongly defend the first myth about installing. If you are still not able to believe us, we can suggest you some cool ways for installing (or without installing) Linux based Operating Systems in your pc and using it never like before. All these ways are purely risk-free and you will face no problems or complexities during the procedure. Now, let us take you to those superb ways. As of our experience, these ways seem perfect in the case of Ubuntu Linux and Mint Linux, which are quite popular Linux distributions.

Uubuntu Linux PC


Live CD

This is the most preferred and safe way for testing Linux based operating systems. Unlike Windows or Mac, Linux distributions come with an in-built feature to use the operating system even without installing the OS. In most cases, you can use all of available features in the OS and can move on with the installation procedure if you feel satisfied.

Iive CD Linux


For using this method, you have to download the OS’s .iso file from the corresponding website. Once you have finished download, in Windows 7/ Windows 8, you can right click on it and select option ‘Burn to Disc’. You can insert the CD and select the bootable device. In the option use OS, you can test the whole OS in your desktop. Unless you have made your wise or unwise contributions in the partition section, the process cannot make even a single change in your pc nor your data. Obviously, Live CD is one of the best methods you can choose.

Wubi – Windows Installer

This option is available only if your desired distribution is Linux, running on Unity. This is for pc users, who love to shift to Linux but do not want to mess up (in their case) partitioning and other stuff. The manufacturer, Canonical, has launched a software called Wubi for Windows for installing Ubuntu Linux in your windows powered pc without any hassles. Sadly, this software is not available for Windows 8 computers due to some issues. Instead, Canonical advises users to create a special partition and install Linux in your pc.

Wubi Windows Installer


You can download Wubi from website and install Ubuntu in seconds. You just have to add some details like the drive where you want to install, disk space you want to give etc. Once you have done it correctly, you can hit the finish button and the software can reboot your device with bootable mode. In the mode, you can either install Ubuntu along with Windows or wipe the whole drive and use it for Linux. Unless you face a power failure or some technical issues, Wubi is the safest way for installing Ubuntu in windows PC.

Online Demo

As we said before, Ubuntu is best for basic users and you can get so many ways for testing the OS as well. Online demo is a popular way to understand how Ubuntu Linux works with basic features. You can do everything without leaving your Browser Window. You have to lead to the official website of Ubuntu and go to option for Online Demo. Currently, the feature is offline but canonical also says that the service will be available soon. However, this is an odd method when compared to other, as there is no word about ‘installing’.

Virtual Box

This is the most used and safe way to run Linux in your Windows PC. As you might know, there ismuch virtualization software like VMware, VirtualBox etc. Virtualization is all about bringing an entirely different operating system to your windows based PC. This option is quite useful when you want Ubuntu or Linux Mint pc for some hours. In that situation, it is not a wise decision to give some GBs for installing a complete OS. Of course, this software does not affect your current operating system installation or your data.

For doing this, you need a virtualization software accompanied by the operating system files. You can use either .iso file or the CD if you have a CD drive. You can select the OS version and virtual configuration of your virtual machine. Once you have given adequate details, the software will set up a virtual machine for you. You will have to follow standard installation procedure in the machine. Once you have finished the process, you can start using your Linux powered PC from the next second. As said before, it is the safest way, as it does not touch your current operating system or your data.

USB Method

This option is useful if you are using a pc without cd drive. In this you method, you are actually turning your pen drive to a purely portable OS installation drive. There are several tools like LiLi available for such a conversion. You have to select the Linux distribution and the .iso file of that operating System. In seconds, the software will do the conversion without any hassles. Once you have the USB Device, you can reboot your pc and select the USB as bootable media. Then, follow the same installation method. When compared to CDs, USBs are having more speed.

Install Ubuntu via USB



In our experience, all of the mentioned ways are 99.99% safe. Remaining 0.01% has to be reduced because a power failure or a hard disk error can affect your installation. When the mentioned issue is out, all these ways are fine. We would choose Virtual Box and Online Demo if you do not want a reboot and installation in your PC. Do you have any simpler way for installing Linux distributions in windows powered PCs? Do let us know!

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