With the mobile messaging apps like the BlackBerry Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, etc. being extensively popular, it’s time to make those apps compatible with the computers too so that they can be used on systems However, there is availability of  Viber’s desktop version app (Viber 3.0). The most widely used is Whatsapp. Although it is basically not a Windows Desktop app, but some techniques have been explored to use it on PCs and run the Android versions of it on the Windows OS.

Whatsapp for PC

Well, it’s obvious to wonder as to why anyone would opt for app usage on PC rather than on cell phone. But, come on, why not? When it comes to comfort, human mind finds every possible way to acquire it! It is an absolute botheration typing on the cell phone continuously and quickly with your fat finger tips dropping on those small keys. Hence, many prefer installing and using Whatsapp and other such essential Android apps on PC.

There are two specific ways to use Whatsapp on PC:

1. Downloading Whatsapp using BlueStacks

Before we begin with the installation procedure, let us get familiar with what exactly BlueStacks is all about!

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is an Android Emulator, or better call it an App Player, and works well on almost all the Operating systems, be it Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7, 8) or even MAC. This Android Emulator enables usage of all Android apps and games on the Desktop. It is considered as the best solution for the problem of running the Android applications on PC. Thus, installation of the BlueStacks will aid the working of Whatsapp on PC.

BlueStacks Logo

  • The prime step is to install BlueStacks enabler on your PC. As soon you open it, you get to see top 25 apps.
  • In the My Apps tab, select the App Search option. In the search bar type Whatsapp and wait for the results to appear. The search results are taken from Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and One Mobile Store.
  • Once you find the result of your choice i.e. Whatsapp Messenger or Whatsapp for PC, click on the install button to start up the installation process. However, before it, BlueStacks asks you to set up Google account either by signing in with your existing account or creating a new one, so that it can easily access the Google Play Store in order to get Android apps from there. In this way BlueStacks links to your Google account to download the apps on your device.
  • After complete installation, it will be displayed in the My Apps tab. In order to configure your Whatsapp account, open the messenger; check out the terms and conditions and click I agree.
  • Now, you can see the same screen display that you see in your smart phones wherein you are asked to select your nation, enter your phone number and then click ok.
  • Next step is about the number verification. You will receive a SMS or voice call that will mention a code. You just have to enter that code. Remember, Whatsapp is not designed to run on any PC; however, the downloaded Whatsapp messenger will stay confined to your BlueStacks app player window.

The users with MAC OS can try installing BlueStacks and downloading Whatsapp on their PC since BlueStacks is available even for MAC! The step-wise procedure is almost similar.

2. Downloading Wassapp without installing BlueStacks

Wassapp – Wassapp is an unofficial Whatsapp client which is used as a messenger instead of Whatsapp that needs the BlueStacks App Player. Unlike Whatsapp, Wassapp doesn’t need any emulator. It itself works like the Android Emulator on PCs with Windows OS.

  • Download and install Wassapp for Windows from Web.
  • You need to register for Whatsapp account if you don’t have any. After installation of Wassapp it asks for Whatsapp username and password.
  • Click on the Register button and enter your phone number. However, if you are using Whatsapp on your number, then you can directly login. The password will be the IMEI number that is given at the back side of your Android phone’s battery. Note that it is always recommended to create Whatsapp account on your phone and then login the Wassapp using it, since errors occur while creating entirely new account on Wassapp.
  • The further process of verification of the contact number you entered is similar to aforementioned Whatsapp installation verification.

For managing the Whatsapp/ Wassapp contact list on your PC, the user has to handle it all manually, from adding contacts to its deletion. Check in the Contacts icon in the Menu icon and fill up the contact information (Contact Name and Number) asked and click done. Once your contact list is updated, you can begin chatting with your friends the similar way as you do on your smartphones.

Thus, these two methods help us in chatting with friends free of cost through Whatsapp account on PC. Indeed, there is one thing that has to be noted strictly: You cannot use Whatsapp on your phone and PC simultaneously with the same Contact number. This kind of co-existence is not possible. Regarding the BlueStacks App Player, you can install numerous Android apps and games on your PC as it is a very efficient way. So, why wait when comfort’s on your way! Go on installing the Android messaging apps and games on your BlueStacks Window and use it comfortably on your big screen PCs and laptops. It’s worth!

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