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Skype is considered as the best video conferencing tool in the online world. The word Skype goes as synonym with video conference tool. It has created such an impact on the domain that most of the people are not aware of another name when it comes to video chatting. Only few people are aware of the fact that there are still alternatives for Skype. There are lots of video chatting or conferencing software tools, apart from Skype and they have features more or less similar to this one. Among them, few are free and few others are paid. Most of them are free for limited usage, but charge some nominal amount for providing better services. Skype is always updating its features so as to retain its championship in this arena. But still, there are many other VOIP software tools to try out:


After Skype, this is the most popular one. For using this service, one needs to have computer, internet connection and webcam. It is also offered in the form of mobile apps for Android and other OS. Special feature of ooVoo is that it can support video conferencing of up to six people. Set up is very much easy and the usage of this software is still easy. It can be done by even novice users.

ooVoo can download the details of your friends from different IM services and it can also sync with social networking sites. You can even sync your address book containing email addresses of your friends. Apart from allowing audio calls, this service allows the users to go for video calls and video messages. Users can record and send video messages to their buddies. Full screen mode enables the users to have comfortable chatting. File sharing is also possible on ooVoo.


This is one of the most popular video conferencing software particularly on Mac. It runs on Mac OS X. It can help in sending instant messages to friends who are on AIM or on MobileMe account. Hence it is very much easy to stay connected on social networking sites while using this VOIP service. Razor sharp video conferencing feature is the highlight feature on this service. Voice Genius is the special feature found on iChat.


It is one of the easiest online services in video conferencing domain. It looks very much similar to Skype and has many advantages. It offers free trial also, for new customers. It offers as SaaS or on-premise software also. It is very much easy to set up and to use. Technological innovation behind this software is making it to give superior performance.

Best part of Nefsis video conferencing software is that it is provided with unlimited and faster multipoint VOIP technology. Network users can also utilize this service. Live human support helps in identifying and clearing the problems.

Mega Meeting:

“Making Business Personal” is the tag line of this company. It is fully browser based online video conference software. It helps the businessmen to host online meetings and webinars. Staff learning or eLearning can be performed easily with this software. It can be aptly used for building relationships with remote associates. After sales technical support for this web service is excellent. Best part of this service is that it requires no software to be downloaded. Lot of customization options are also provided on this online software.

Google Voice:

It is being offered by internet search engine giant, Google. This service is integration with Gmail and it has been launched in 2010 August. Using this service, one can make calls to Canada, UK and US. It is considered as one of the simplest and transparent way to make online calls. This is a great service for those who want to call within US, because it is free of cost. It enables the users to call between PCs at no cost. Various kinds of features are offered in Google Voice and they include voice mail, transcription of voice mails and conference calls.

You can still find good number of Skype Alternatives, just by a simple search on Google. Although Skype is touted as the best VOIP software, it is not the only one.

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