The Windows Operating System by Microsoft is now running on the majority of the computer systems in this world. Windows 10 is known as the best operating system for computers in the current scenario. When it comes to choosing the best operating system for the computers, ordinary people get confused in selecting the best operating system for their computers. As the MacOS cannot be installed on any other hardware than Apple Hardware, the user gets only two choices, Windows, and Linux.

The Linux is highly known as the Operating system for Technical Staff and people with advanced knowledge of computers. Due to this misconception, most of the computer users choose to pay for Windows License and install Windows OS on their computers.

Windows vs Linux

When is the Linux Free to use operating system, why people decide to pay for Windows License? In this post, we are sharing our views on the Windows and Linux. We’ll tell you about the Windows vs Linux Operating System and which is best for your computer.

Windows Vs. Linux: Which Operating System to Choose?


The Linux is an Open Source operating system for the computers. The Open source software programs and operating systems are free to use and free to modify. The Source-Code of the Linux Operating System is available to the public and can be adjusted according to personal needs.

On the other hands, Microsoft is not an Open-Source operating system. Means, we have to pay for getting the license to use this operating system. Also, the Source-Code of Windows Operating Systems is not available to the public, so it cannot be modified if we face any problems or need customizations.

User Privacy

The Linux Operating systems are great if you are concerned about the privacy. The Linux Distributions creators don’t snoop on users and collect anonymous data on their behalf. If you are interested in keeping your information private, then it is perfect for you. But, there is an exception too. The Linux Ubuntu, which is developed and Managed by Canonical.Inc collects the little bit of data from the users.

The Windows on the other hands receives the data from their users. This fact is well known to the people using Windows. The Microsoft collects user data on the name of Personalized Experience and security, etc. The Latest Operating System from Microsoft, which is “Windows 10” receives the data of users and removes the cracked/unlicensed software from the user’s computers remotely. If you are concerned about the Privacy, then you may get little annoyed with this.

User Interface

Microsoft Windows operating systems come with the proprietary User Interfaces. Each operating system comes with a different user interface.The Windows XP had different User Interface, Windows 7 has different UI, and Windows 10 comes with different UI. These UI updates are incremental updates, which are only available in Different versions of operating systems. In Windows, we cannot change the UI completely if we are uncomfortable with it. We have to use What we got.

In Linux, We have a huge variety of Customization options. The Desktop Environments, in simple terms known as the themes, are great if you are bored with the default environment. The Linux Distributions support different Environments and provides better user customization experience to their users. Some of the most popular desktop environments for Linux are Gnome, XFCE, KDE, GTK, and Cinnamon. The Linux Users can install more than one environments and use them anytime.


Microsoft provides support for most of the operating systems for years. They just revoked the support from Windows XP OS, but support is available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Microsoft provides regular security updates and incremental updates to their users. The problem with Windows Updates is that they are huge in size. Also, the Windows Update utility will take time to install and finish installing the updates. While Windows is installing the updates, you cannot use your computer, and that is annoying.
Unlike Windows, the Linux Distributions comes with easy and intuitive security updates. The updates on Linux are community driven. So, if any advanced Linux user finds any bug, then he’ll patch that bug and share that patch with every other Linux users. The Linux updates can be completed in the background and doesn’t even need a restart. Some significant updates may require a Restart, but that is a rare case. The updates are super quick and don’t annoy you with the popup reminders to update the system.

Hardware Compatibility

The Linux is compatible with any computer hardware combination. The Linux Distributions can run on an age-old computer with 256MB or RAM and High-end Server with Tons of RAM DIMMs. The Linux is a system-agnostic operating system, so it can easily run on any computer and alongside any other operating system.

The Microsoft Windows can be installed on any computer system. But, the Hardware specification has to be correct to get proper User Experience. Microsoft Windows 10 OS, which is the latest requires the minimum of 1GB RAM, minimum of 16GB disk space and 1ghz or higher Processor. As the system requirements restriction, the age-old computer users are forced to use other operating systems.

Final Words

Well, this is how we compared the Linux and Windows. As a nerd, I Love Linux from the bottom of my heart. There is no reason for an ordinary computer user to hate Linux and term as the Nerd Operating System. The Linux is far better than Windows in many aspects, one of the best is IT IS FREE.

If you are someone who can adjust with any other operating system quickly, then I’d recommend Linux Distributions. They are simple, lightweight, intuitive and highly customizable. My vote goes for the Linux Distributions over Microsoft Windows. What do you think?

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