Guest Post: Our Host Sonia Jackson, Sonia is looking forward for some ways to write a guest post that a blogger can’t refuse.

Guest Posting Tips

As a guest blogger, you need to create a guest post that is going to make the blog master want to upload your blog post. You would think that you are working for free on a blog post is going to sway them, but the fact is that they probably receive a lot of request from people wanting to upload to their blog. So, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd a little. You need to give the blogger something that the other guest posters are not offering. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Create a high quality and unique blog post

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of people wanting to upload guest posts are going to send the blog master a load of old crap. This may be because they do not respect the blog master and are sending him/her the crap they cannot post elsewhere (happens all the time), or it may be because the guest poster is simply a poor writer and cannot produce anything better.

Whatever the reason is for people sending poor quality content does not matter. All that matters to you is that you put yourself ahead of all of those people by submitting high quality content. Also, the more original and unique the blog post is, then the higher the chances are that the blog master is going to accept the blog post.

Make your topic one that is a little more original than the rest

This continues on from the tip above. You should make your blog post about a topic that is a little more original. Do not forget that the blog master is going to receive a lot of blog posts that are re-writes on topics that have been covered a hundred times. He/she is also going to receive a lot of spun content. Do not make the mistake of sending spun content because it is always of a desperately poor quality (no matter how well you spin it).

Make it tailor-made for their blog

One big way of appealing to the blogger is to write on a topic or theme that suits their blog. You will probably find that this is a stipulation anyway, as a technology blogger is hardly likely to accept guest posts on cutting wood, but you need to take it a step further.

You need to write it on a topic that is so close to the topic/theme of the blog that the blog master is actually interested in reading the blog post himself/herself. This will definitely get your blog post uploaded if it actually interests the blogger, as you have to believe that the blogger is writing blog posts about things that interest him/her.

Have it agree with the premise of the blog

The blog is likely to have a theme or a topic. You will find that if you read the blogs themselves that they actually fall into bias. For example, the blog may be on the topic of slaughtering farm animals, but if you read the blog posts, you may find that the blogger takes a dislike to an animal being bled to death for forty-five minutes in the name of making Halal meat. If you notice this sort of bias, then not only should you agree with the blogger, you should show that you really agree.

In the example shown, you would go a step further and say that not only is torturing animals with a slow death a nasty thing to do, but that Halal meat should be labeled so that people know it was meat made with animals that are not stunned and are bled to death instead. If your blog post falls into the same category and opinion as the blogger, then you guest blog post will be accepted.

Make it clear that your Google+ circles will attract readers

This is a dirty tactic but it works. If the blogger has the Google authorship part of his/her blog activated, then he/she is going to know that a person with a lot of other online articles under that Google authorship program is likely to draw a lot of extra traffic; pointing this out to the blogger when proposing the blog post and submitting the blog post may make your blog post a little more irresistible. You may also show how the keywords you have used in your guest blog post are highly sought after online, as this too will help your case.

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