A decade back, people hadn’t really thought about Virtual Reality, and not at least about VR Gaming. I mean, who could have thought that we can be an actual part of the game, really feeling the moves, sounds, and the amazing visuals? Now, however, VR Gaming is here and we have been many associated technologies that do make the best use of Virtual Reality. Perhaps, one of the most innovative launches in the VR world has been that of SteamVR. This Virtual Reality system is noted for the lifelike rendering of high-quality gaming graphics and obviously the immersive gaming experience.

Zeiss VR One

But, there is a problem — the traditional way of using SteamVR is quite expensive. You need a dedicated set of hardware that will bring the SteamVR content to the headsets. Well, won’t that be superb if you can turn your Smartphone into this headset, thus saving some money? And, this is what VR One Connect from Zeiss is planning to do. It’s going to change the way how SteamVR traditionally works, by seeking the help of high-end smartphone hardware. In this article, we will talk about how Zeiss VR One Connect can change the way you play.

What is VR One Connect?

We hope you are pretty familiar with VR Headsets. It doesn’t matter whether you want to watch a movie or play something — as you know, many games including the ones like French roulette become more attractive with the help of VR. However, your smartphone may not have the actual capacity to render the best-quality visuals all the time. This is where the real play of Zeiss VR One Connect comes to the play. It can make use of the resources from your PC and then bring quality VR content into your smartphone screen, and to a VR headset that you might be using.

When compared to purchasing a dedicated PC-level VR System, Zeiss VR One Connect is pretty affordable as well as reasonable. Wondering how it works? Let’s check that out.

How Does Zeiss VR One Connect Works?

VR One Connect isn’t a single device or service — but, rather, a trio. Apart from the corresponding software that you need on your Smartphone and on the computer, a few other things are required.

  • The VR One Connect Headset, which is practically affordable than the existing ones
  • A USB Cable that will be used to transfer data from the host SteamVR computer to your smartphone
  • A pair of VR One Connect controllers that are used for optimizing the visuals and controlling action.

This trio, when set to work, will function like this: Instead of the smartphone creating the VR content, every bit of rendering is done on the computer, using SteamVR software. Right after rendering, it’s transferred to the VR Headset, via the aforementioned USB Cable. At the same time, the user can enjoy the high-quality VR experience by simply placing the smartphone inside the VR headset.

The Obvious Perks

Doesn’t that sound awesome? In practice, there is no loss of quality or rendering process. In fact, given that you have a powerful computer, everything is going to be super-quick. In other words, only the sensors and the display of the smartphone is being used. It’s one of the reasons why VR One Connect manages to ensure the best quality in terms of visual content.

If you’re wondering about the controllers and the cable, stop that now. First of all, the controllers are to be connected via Bluetooth, offering you ample scope for portability and comfort. Second, the USB Cable would be so long that you can choose your angle for playing. On top of all these, it’s way too better than purchasing a dedicated VR System, especially when you already have a SteamVR-friendly PC with you.

Wrapping Up

So, what do you think about Zeiss VR One Connect? Don’t you think that it’s going to change the way you’re enjoying the VR Games, with the utmost quality? Do let us know through your comments, along with your VR experiences so far.

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